21 March 2011 @ 03:07 pm
[Stage Play]: Mishima Double (feat. Ikuta Toma)  

As some of you already know I went to Osaka last week to watch the Mishima Double stage plays.
What does "Mishima Double" mean? Well, "double" just refers to the fact that there were two stage plays and "Mishima" is refering to Yukio Mishima who wrote those stage plays.
Yukio Mishima wrote a lot of stage plays, books etc., was homosexual and performed Harakiri (suicide) in 1970. Please refer to the link I provided to read more about his life and work.

The two stage plays I went to see were "Madame de Sade" and "My friend Hitler".
I'll write about them in greater detail in a minute.
First, let me tell you that those were my first stage plays in Japan ever! The reason why I wanted to see them was obviously Ikuta Toma! I've only seen Toma live once so far when he came for a stage greeting for his movie "Seaside Motel" last year in Osaka - and that was only for a few minutes! This time I got to see him for almost 3 hours in each play (that's almost 6 hours of Toma = me happy fangirl!)

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In front of the entrance was this huge poster and everybody stopped to take photos here! ^-^

Stage Play #1: Madame de Sade (Thursday, March 17th) )

Stage Play #2: My friend Hilter (Friday, March 18th) )

The actual main role goes to Röhm, but more stage time had Hitler (aka Toma) in the end, so this was definitely the better play for me!
And not only that!!! Toma even spoke a little bit of German!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost died!!!!! So awesome!! Of course the pronunciation was off and all, but YAHOOOOOO!!! (^____^)v
There was a lot of German stuff coming over the loudspeakers every now and then and I thought it was funny that I was probably the only person in there who'd understand what's going on ;P
(btw. Toma if you need a German teacher, just come and ask me, okay?^^; ...)

Actually I was surprised that there was no squealing during the show, because HELL THERE WAS SOME BL GOING ON THERE!!!!!

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That's all. I hope you enjoyed my report!
I hope I can see Toma in a musical next!
Thanks for reading!
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18 February 2011 @ 07:53 pm
[Random]: Hanamizuki, Ikuta Toma, Doctor's Diary  

HOMG!! Another entry yet again??
Yeah ... I guess I feel kind of guilty for not posting much in the last few months .....
It's just a short and random entry, though.

Hanamizuki novel )

I finally watched the DVD of Arashi's tour 2010/11 (Kokuritsu concert). And it's sooooo great!!!!!
I really wish I could have gone somehow :( .....

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Doctor's Diary is over????!!!! After season 3 it seems they're finished! NOOOOO!!!????
Probably only people in German speaking countries might know about this series, but let me fangirl a bit (which I rarely do lately, huh?!)
When I went back for a short vacation to Germany in 2009 one of my friends recommended this series to me. We watched the first two episodes together and I really came to like it.
Back in Japan I continued watching it and became a HUGE fan!!!
This week the last episode was aired ;____; (no spoilers!) )

Random fandom moment!!! I wouldn't even say he's my type, but for some reason he really got me :D
And FINALLY (after too many Johnnys ) it's somebody who's NOT younger than me?! [insert grandmother laughter here ]

I'm not sure if I already mentioned this before or not, but Ikuta Toma has 2 butais (stage plays) right now. And of course I'm going to watch both, live! As I was lazy and busy I didn't care to get tickets until it was almost too late, so yet again I have seats in almost the last row. Seems to be my destiny *sigh* Both stage plays were written by Yukio Mishima which is why they're called "Mishima Double".

The two stage plays are ... )

Okay, a really random entry, but at least I managed to update on a few random things
Read you soon again!~
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14 August 2007 @ 05:18 pm
[Caps + Blabbering]: Making of: Cat in the Red Boots!~☆ミ  
Ups, I did it again XD
Or like that XDDDDD Haw, haw~

Thanks to [ profile] pinkujisatsu I finally can watch Toma´s stage play "Cat in the red boots! *o*
I hope I´ll find some time to watch it SOOOOOHOOOOOOON! <~ *is already drooling in anticipation* XD
If I like it, I think I HAVE TO BUY THE DVD!!! (*_____*) <~ *fangirl mode activated*
Err~ ... well for now I only skipped through some scenes of the MAKING OF and ..... and ..... from the first second onwards I was like this: *____________*
I didn´t even watch the whole thing (cuz not time), but I fainted at least a 100 times XDDDDD and OF COURSE I couldn´t resist and had to take some caps (*_*)b ..... which I´m now sharing XDDDDD
Can´t wait to watch everything soon (*__*) <~ *repeating herself mode*

Anyway here we go~


You know you want it! XD )

That´s it. Nothing special, but toally droolworthy, no? (*___*)

P.S.: Episode 7 of Hanakimi is on its way~ ^-^
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