04 May 2007 @ 08:15 pm
[Icons]: 264 J Actor/Actress Icons!~ PART TWO  
Hi there!

So here is part2!!!

AAAH~ I hate LJ for that!!! (T___T) ... This was so much more work right now *kicks lj* (T__________T

If you comment and tell me what you´ve snagged you can do it here or in the part 1 entry!! ^-^/

Part 1 can be found here!~


Icons in this post: [264]

[086] x Ueto Aya -> in part 1
[039] x Matsumoto Jun -> in part 1
[003] x Inoue Mao -> in part 1
[136] x Itou Misaki

We can STILL make it *sing* !~ )
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