10 February 2015 @ 06:48 pm
[Bleach]: Favorite charas, shippings and funny scenes - PIC SPAM  
Hello again! (^-^)/~

As promised here's the GIGANTIC Bleach PIC SPAM! (Not really any spoilers!)
You see .... while re-watching the anime and also while reading the manga I was BLEACH-SPAMMING my Twitter account and so I took millions of screencaps and played around with them. ^^;
As they'll eventually vanish in the depth of Twitterverse, I thought it's better to keep them here on LJ all in one place.
I also didn't talk much about my favorite characters, shippings or hilarious moments / episodes in my last Bleach entry, so let's do this now!

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To be honest, I don't care much about shipping / couples in shonen manga.
I never understood why everyone was freaking out so much at the end of Naruto. Who cares?
Was really THAT the main part of the whole series?

Same goes for Bleach. I don't really care.
Of course, I like some nice BL slashing here and there .... but thus far I can't see anything beyond Grimmjow x Ichigo working out for me. (Though I haven't digged very deep into Bleach's doujinshi world yet.)

It seems like Orihime x Ichigo will become canon eventually. I'm not too happy about it, because I simply don't see it.
I'm not bitching about it, like I said, I don't care much, but I just don't see it.
Yeah, there are more than enough hints that Orihime is totally in love with him, but there's NOTHING that shows us Ichigo's true feelings.

HOWEVER, I really, really love the bond that Ichigo and Rukia share with each other.

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Like, seriously! Do you have any idea what naughty fangirls would do to you??? (*___*) .... *faints*

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Ok, that was an enormous picture spam. Good thing I haven't searched for any (new) doujinshi yet. Ahem. XD
Hope you enjoyed it!~

As this was quite chaotic, I'm gonna say it once again.
My favorite characters in Bleach are:
Shinji, Hiyori, Toshiro and Grimmjow ... and maybe also Yoruichi. Who would have thought?

I also like Rukia and Ichigo A LOT! But as almost ALWAYS in shonen manga, the main character(s) =/= my favorite. ^^; ....
There are so many characters I like, but the list would grow too long. XD
I just noticed I never mentioned Ganju! I ADORE the Shiba clan! But Isshin and Ganju are my favs!
The reason why I like Ganju so much could have to do with him having Obito's voice (Naruto) ... I'm so simple-minded. ^^; ....

Characters I despise:
Tosen, most of the Fullbringers, Bach, Wonderweiss (sorry, I know it wasn't his fault but he was hella annoying XD ..)

Characters I don't really like much:
Hinamori, Aizen (I see a pattern XD ...)

There are other characters I either don't care much about (Tatsuki, Chado, ...) or I like them quite a bit (Renji, Hanataro, Kenpachi, Ikkaku, Byakuya, Rangiku, Ulquiorra, Nel, Uryu, Kisuke, enter endless list ....).

Now ... I think it's still confusing, huh? XD

As for shipping, like I said I don't care too much about that in a shonen series, but I've given you a few hints in here.

How about you?
Who are your favorite characters and are you shipping anyone?
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10 February 2015 @ 12:22 am
[Bleach]: Review, Pic Spam and Conclusion (up to chapter 614)  
Hey! ^__^;

I know some of you are waiting for a life update and I swear it's coming soon-ish, so please stay tuned!!

You might have noticed that I recently got back into anime and manga and because I do have the time at the moment and can't wait until the stupid Naruto fillers are over, I decided to also re-watch Bleach.
Yeah, Bleach. I'm not sure if you even knew that I ever was into Bleach. As far as I can see I never even blogged about it here on LJ.
Besides Naruto, Bleach was one of the anime where I still had unwatched episodes floating around. I just gave up watching when I lost interest in anime / manga some time around 2009 / 2010.
It seems I was up to episode 275, so towards the end of the Arrancar arc when all the captains were fighting against the Arrancar and Aizen etc.

Ever since I've finished watching the complete anime and continued reading the manga up to the most recent chapter.
Don't worry, I will put spoiler warnings ahead, so keep on reading for now if you're interested. ^^;

Ever since I started re-watching I've been abusing my Twitter account and have Bleach-spammed like WOAH!!! ^^;
Apologies to anyone who's following me on Twitter and is not the least bit interested in Bleach.
I'm quite sure that not many here on LJ are interested in it, but I'm mainly writing this entry for myself anyway, so don't feel bad and just ignore it.

Comparing Bleach to other similar Shonen manga series:

What I find interesting about Bleach is that the main character, Ichigo, is not the typical "shonen manga hero".
You know .... they're always clumsy, plain stupid or have some other weird trait (eat too much, only care about money etc.). AAAAND lots of the male main characters in similar series (FMA, Dragonball, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter) have a FEMALE Japanese voice actor.
Not so Ichigo. His male voice actor is actually quite manly and sexy.

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SPOILERS: Up to the end of the ARRANCAR ARC )

And let's not forget about the BEST "thing" ever that showed up during the Arrancar arc:

Shinji and Hiyori!
Dammit, I love them so much, you can't even tell!
I have NO FREAKING idea if I loved them when I first watched the series about 7(?!?) years ago, but this time their Kansai-ben had me sold RIGHT from the first second. Don't forget that I spent the last few years in Kansai, speaking Kansai-ben myself. ;)

MORE SPOILERS: Up to the end of the ARRANCAR ARC )


And then the horror began .....

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I knew that the manga was ongoing and I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue and destroy this image of the "pleasant" ending.
But curiosity took over and I started reading.
And just after a few pages I saw Hiyori ... who I wasn't sure was still alive or not until then. And I couldn't have been any happier.
Shortly after that even Nel appeared again! WOOT!

Yeah! Me! I've stayed tuned all that time, now freaking tell me how it all began, ok?????!!!!!


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Errm ... not trying to get on your nerves, but there's gonna be another huge Bleach picture spam soon.
I have just made too many parodic .... pictures and they don't all fit in here, so ... please bear with me. ^^;;;
Though it's gonna be much more than just a pic spam. I'll reveal my favorite characters (if you can't tell by reading this entry) and shippings as well as some other "goodies", so stay tuned.

P.S.: You know .. all the Spanish during the Arrancar arc sounded quite cool (at leat to a non-native speaker) but all that German crap in the Quincy arc is sooooooooooooooooo ridiculous! ;__; ... *headdesk*

Can't wait for chapter 615! WOAH!!!~
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14 March 2010 @ 02:50 pm
[Japan]: Happy White Day! ❤  
Happy White Day!!! 

Today was "White Day" in Japan. It's exactly one month after Valentine's Day and it's the day when all the girls and women get something from the guys they gave something to on VD

Here's what I got:

For more click here, but if you don't hurry up I'll have eaten all the choco pralines!!! XD )

People who read my Twitter might already know: I FINALLY watched Arashi's 最後の約束 ("Saigo no yakusoku" / The last promise) yesterday night (*__*)v
It was muuuuch better than I expected it to be. Although I'm a huge Jun fan, I still think he's not the best actor out of the 5, but he's so cool and cute and made me squee a few times in this drama special again (*__*)
I hade taken quite a few screencaps (mainly of Jun XD), but for some reason my computer decided to fuck up, so I had to get some from here (<- you might not wanna click if you haven't seen the movie/special yet, spoilers ahead!).
I modified the screencaps a bit (I still love playing with colors and it seems I didn't forgot how to yet...), no spoilers, so don't worry:

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Okay, that's all for tonight.
And now hit me so that I will finally go back to my Japanese studies which I have been neglecting all March long so far .......

お(ノ ̄0 ̄)ノや(o ̄・ ̄)oす(。_ _)。みzzz..
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20 December 2007 @ 06:15 pm
[Review // Recommendation]: Hot Gimmick (manga) + Engine (jdrama) + random fangirling (*_*)  
Hey f-list!

I have 2 recommendations for you.
First is Hot Gimmick (ホットギミック) - a shoujo manga.

If you love HANA YORI DANGO then you will DEFINITELY love this one as well!!!

I´ve started to read this manga YEARS ago - back then you always had to wait for new scanlations too long and then it was stalled, so I gave up and waited for it to be released here in Germany.
Somehow I forgot about it and just recently discovered that there are FINALLY scanlations for the last few volumes as well.
I still could remember how much I loved that manga and started to read it again - this time till the end (^____^')v

WARNING perhaps not worksafe content!!

This picture shows exactly what this series is about - me thinks! (^3^) )

Okay, next. I want to recommend (well sort of) a jdrama I just started (!) to watch. Somehow I fell in love with it right away. I guess it´s stupid to recommend you haven´t watched to the end yet, but ... well I´ll just tell you a bit about it and then you can decide for yourself if it sounds worth watching or not, k? (^__^;)
I´m talking about another Kimura Takuya drama: Engine.
Yumi-chan recommended this drama to me over a year ago and somehow I was ignoring it .... *lol* .. but I´m glad that I´m finally watching it now (^-^;)

A racer that HATES kids and a lot of familiar faces??!! = LOVE! )

Attention, attention. Alert, alert! Random fangirling ahead!!! Please run away as fast as possible! Alert, alert!!

Ooookay .... this is about Bleach (episode 110) - but there are no spoilers, so if you want to you can have a look at it ;P
Usually I´m more a fan of Ichigo, Renji or Hitsugaya, but HOW CAN I IGNORE THIS "$%"$%"$"§???!!!!!

I want this guy, right now, right here! ... ahhr .. XD )

Okay ... that was long again.
Hope you survived? (^^;)
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