26 April 2006 @ 12:37 pm
Captain Tsubasa: What is Yaoi ?  
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Haha, look what I´ve found !
It´s soooooooooo cute, especially for CT fans ♥~

Well, if you don´t understand Spanish:
Ken wants to know what Yaoi is and asks Hyuga XD
Both of them don´t have a clue, so Ken shows Hyuga a yaoi manga he got from the girls in his class XD *squee*~
So they investigate what the guys are doing in the manga (these are actually guys from Saint Seiya *more squee*) and try to imitate it.
As you can see both of them are too stupid for IT XD So they end up doing NOTHING at all XD BUT IT´S SOOO DAMN CUTE, don´t you think ? XD

(Nee, do you know what YAOI is ???) @ [ profile] captain_tsubasa

For those who don´t know: Zetsuai/Bronze from Minami Ozaki is based on a doujinshi she drew when she was younger: It was a doujinshi about Ken Wakashimazu and Kojiro Hyuga ♥♥♥~

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