05 May 2007 @ 12:26 pm
[Conclusion]: Death Note - The END  
Hey there!~

I´ve finally finished the Death Note manga yesterday night and now I want to write down what I think about the end and about the whole series.

So if you haven´t finished the manga yet, just ignore this entry!!!!!


Shinigami really like apples! )


I´ve also watched the 1st Death Note movie so far. (Dead or alive)
I still don´t like the actor they´ve chosen for Raito ... but the Shinigami are well-made and I LOVE L somehow XDDDDD
I also love that they´ve changed the story a bit, otherwise it would have been boring.
Now I finally can watch the 2nd movie!! I´m looking forward to it ^__^
(and KYAH Inui is Matsudaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! .... That´s the first time (I think) that I´ve seen a Tenimyu star in a drama/movie!!!) XDDDDDDD

I´ve started to watch the anime. Only the first 2 episodes so far.
ZOMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L = Yamaguchi Kappei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!!!!!
As I AAALWAYS tell you he´s following me! HE´S EVERYWHERE!! I recognize his voice right away! Usually I don´t even need to hear his voice! A sigh is enough to recognize him! AAAAH!!
But I think he´s quite fitting for L considering he´s also Shinichi Kudou´s voice in Conan ^^
Well .. I have to watch more of it :)
Raito´s voice is good as well (didn´t know that his seiyuu was in Tenimyu!!)
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