03 December 2007 @ 05:10 pm
Blabbering: Too many userpics go Midori no L! BLA attack!  

With a generous gift from [ profile] densha_onna *cough cough* I`ve received another 12 months of a paid account + 100 userpics extra XD

And what scares me the most is that I didn´t have the slightest problem to fill all the free usperics slots at once (^^;) .... ahem~
Well, anyway, I´m happy with it

Death not goes Midori no Hibi XD )

The way lazy ME reads her doujinshis XD )

Well, as you can see my main problem is still ... KANJI! (T___T)
And lately I´ve been VERY lazy with my Japanese studies ... basically I haven´t done anything at all.
But now I´ve started to use this program, to at least train my kanji (and vocabulary) knowledge from time to time. (Yes, yes repeating the JLPT4 and 3 stuff XD)
I haven´t used if for a long time, but it´s quite good:

Anki - Japanese learning tool )

That´s all for today! (^^;)
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[music]: Arashi - Tomadoi Nagara