11 January 2007 @ 04:26 pm
[Conclusion + Screencaps]: Honey & Clover I + II  
I´ve finally finished Honey & Clover !♪

... looking back this series was really a surprise ! It´s a really, really good and cute series that casts a spell on you ^__^
I think you really can´t DESCRIBE what this series is about or what is good about it. You have to see and experience the whole atmosphere for yourself !!!

The surprising thing for me was ... that I really liked season 1, it was nice ... well the last few episodes where getting on my nerves ... too much of Takemoto on his bike ^^; ... (don´t get me wrong ! I like Takemoto-kun !)
But the 2nd season was just too great !!! I didn´t expect that ! The series was going in another ... more adult-like direction, don´t you think ?

<~ Takemoto + Morita ... I like the sky colors in the background ! (*-*)

Watching the relationship between Yamada and Nomiya-san grow .... that was just fair and beautiful !
I really came to like Nomiya-san ! ... at first I didn´t like his playboy-like appearance, but he changed a lot, don´t you think ? I hope they will get together some day ^___^

A relationship I personally was not SO interested in was the one between Rika and Mayama! I can´t tell why exactly ... perhaps I don´t understand there relationship that well ^^; ....
And there were times when I couldn´t stand watching Yamada cry because of him (x_____x) .....

On to the last episodes: (please read this only when you´ve already finished season 2 !!!)

full craziness ahead~ )

Oh before I forget: I´ve seen the manga today at the trainstation ! So it´s out in Germany !!!! I didn´t know that ^^; ... should I buy it ?! ;__; .....

P.S.: screencaps were made by me
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25 December 2006 @ 04:38 pm
Honey & Clover, BlackCat, Christmas ...  

how are you all this time of the year ? ^-^

Honey & Clover:

As recommended by some of you I started to watch Honey & Clover. Thanks again ! :)
I´m now up to episode 13 and I REALLY like it. It´s special, it´s a really calm, cute, but interesting series. I guess it´s a series for girls AND boys ???

On the very left it´s Morita and in the middle it´s Hamu ah .. Hagu-chan :)

Well for those who don´t know:
It´s about some art students in Tokyo. The first thing we get to see is the apartment-sharing community of some male students ! IT IS REALLY FUNNY especially if you are a university student yourself (like me ! XD).
One day a small girl (who looks like she´s between 5 or 10 years old) appears, but she´s actually already 18 years and becoming a student at the same art university. That´s where the story begins.

The only thing that´s disturbing me from time to time is that I don´t get why they made Hagu-chan look SOOOO young! I mean .. is there a special reason ? Was that really necessary ??? I don´t get it ... okok of course it´s pretty funny from time to time .. and cute ...

My fav one ?? Morita-san. Definitely ! I ADORE HIM SO MUCH !!!! ^___^
He´s funny, he likes money, he´s chaotic ... and BECAUSE OF HIM I can laugh a lot XD I think I wouldn´t like H&C without him ^___^>

There´s also a second season:
I´m really looking forward to it ^-^

BlackCat: (

I don´t know the manga yet, I only watch the anime (am up to episode 14).
At first it wasn´t that great ! But I changed my mind soon XDDDD
I love the way they work with shadow in the faces of the charas and these GLOWING eyes ... in different colors ... (just like in Yami no Matsuei, but better) *droools* I REALLY like stuff like that (*__*)

Train Heartnet (aka BlackCat or Kuro-sama -> kuroneko XD)

Additional there are a LOT of great male voice actors in it ! I especially like Train´s, Sven´s, Creed´s and Jenos´ voices ^_^' ... plus the story is not too bad either !!

So, Christmas is already over (well at least here ^^). I hope you all had a more ore less peaceful and nice Christmas ?
Oh, and for those who don´t know: In Germany (and I guess in other European countries as well ?!) Christmas presents are given on the evening of the 24th ^^v

Sorry that I don´t update so often lately. There are a lot of things that I´ve got to do and on the other hand I try to get informations for my journey to Japan plus I´m trying to learn a bit Japanese every day. That´s all very time-consuming.
I´ve started to work on some HYD jdrama lovebars, but it will take some time until I´ve finished this (^^') ~ so please be patient.

Finally: Thanks to [ profile] hesaki for uploading some drama songs for me as a Christmas present (there were really some songs I didn´t have unitl now !!) Arigatouuuu~ ^___^ *hugs*
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