25 December 2006 @ 04:38 pm
Honey & Clover, BlackCat, Christmas ...  

how are you all this time of the year ? ^-^

Honey & Clover:

As recommended by some of you I started to watch Honey & Clover. Thanks again ! :)
I´m now up to episode 13 and I REALLY like it. It´s special, it´s a really calm, cute, but interesting series. I guess it´s a series for girls AND boys ???

On the very left it´s Morita and in the middle it´s Hamu ah .. Hagu-chan :)

Well for those who don´t know:
It´s about some art students in Tokyo. The first thing we get to see is the apartment-sharing community of some male students ! IT IS REALLY FUNNY especially if you are a university student yourself (like me ! XD).
One day a small girl (who looks like she´s between 5 or 10 years old) appears, but she´s actually already 18 years and becoming a student at the same art university. That´s where the story begins.

The only thing that´s disturbing me from time to time is that I don´t get why they made Hagu-chan look SOOOO young! I mean .. is there a special reason ? Was that really necessary ??? I don´t get it ... okok of course it´s pretty funny from time to time .. and cute ...

My fav one ?? Morita-san. Definitely ! I ADORE HIM SO MUCH !!!! ^___^
He´s funny, he likes money, he´s chaotic ... and BECAUSE OF HIM I can laugh a lot XD I think I wouldn´t like H&C without him ^___^>

There´s also a second season:
I´m really looking forward to it ^-^

BlackCat: (

I don´t know the manga yet, I only watch the anime (am up to episode 14).
At first it wasn´t that great ! But I changed my mind soon XDDDD
I love the way they work with shadow in the faces of the charas and these GLOWING eyes ... in different colors ... (just like in Yami no Matsuei, but better) *droools* I REALLY like stuff like that (*__*)

Train Heartnet (aka BlackCat or Kuro-sama -> kuroneko XD)

Additional there are a LOT of great male voice actors in it ! I especially like Train´s, Sven´s, Creed´s and Jenos´ voices ^_^' ... plus the story is not too bad either !!

So, Christmas is already over (well at least here ^^). I hope you all had a more ore less peaceful and nice Christmas ?
Oh, and for those who don´t know: In Germany (and I guess in other European countries as well ?!) Christmas presents are given on the evening of the 24th ^^v

Sorry that I don´t update so often lately. There are a lot of things that I´ve got to do and on the other hand I try to get informations for my journey to Japan plus I´m trying to learn a bit Japanese every day. That´s all very time-consuming.
I´ve started to work on some HYD jdrama lovebars, but it will take some time until I´ve finished this (^^') ~ so please be patient.

Finally: Thanks to [ profile] hesaki for uploading some drama songs for me as a Christmas present (there were really some songs I didn´t have unitl now !!) Arigatouuuu~ ^___^ *hugs*
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