28 May 2006 @ 04:27 pm
Kodomo no Omocha: Manga vs. Anime ~ My conclusion + a short review  
So, after I´ve finished the anime yesterday I want to compare the manga and the anime.

I really loved the manga ! I love Obana Miho. I love her dark and sad stories ! I love the way she´s treating her young main characters.
I also liked the anime a lot, but not as much as the manga. Furthermore there are WORLDS between those two, that´s why I´m writing this XD


short review [for those who don´t know Kodomo no Omocha] )

My conclusion [manga vs. anime] )

So, that´s all. I just wanted to say this much XD
Anyone wants to discuss this ?
And once again I have to apologize for my bad English x___X;;; *bows*
Jaa, mata ne ^^/~*
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