07 December 2007 @ 03:22 pm
[Review // Conclusion]: MONSTER - a GREAT series!  
I finally finished Monster yesterday.

It was sooo exciting that I had to watch the last 4 episodes in one go. It was really a GREAT series and I can rec it to all of you - that´s why I´m going to write an entry about it now (^-^')
There´s not only the anime series (74 episodes, which you can watch here online it seems), but also the manga (18 volumes).
I can´t say anything about the manga yet, but I´ll definitely read it soon, because there are still so many questions in my head - and seriously series that leave you with a lot of big questionmarks above your head so that you still have to think about a lot of things are the best, no?

Das Monster in mir wird größer und größer ... )

Und als das Monster endlich einen Namen hatte, gab es niemanden mehr, der es hätte beim Namen nennen können. )
[music]: Yami no Matsuei - Devil's Trill
[mood]: pensive