11 December 2006 @ 08:00 pm
[Icons]: 100 Sailor Moon + Ouran Icons !~  
I made some new icons again ^____^
I´ve challenged myself this time, cuz I tried to use ALL bases I got from Sailor Moon and I DID IT !!! Hihihihi~
After that I thought I should make some Ouran icons, cuz I just finished that series and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT !!!

So~ I hope you like these icons (^-^)>
Enjoy !!~


Icons in this post: [100]

[72] x Sailor Moon Movie 03
[28] x Ouran Host Club

maybe you´re my love ? )
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27 November 2006 @ 07:52 pm
[Photos]: My new cell phone ♥ + Ouran Host Club  
v今晩は 皆さん ! (^-^)/

私 の 新しい 携帯 が


(<~ yes I´ve really watched TOO MUCH 電車男 XD)

So, my new cell phone´s finally here.

more photos // screencaps XD )

Other than that I´ve finally started to watch Ouran Host Club, cuz I heard that it´s really good (^-^') ....

Well, I´m only up to episode 3 so far, but it´s pretty fun to watch :)
It´s nothing new though~
It kind of reminded me of Hanakimi (one girl among a lot of guys ! *drools* XDD pretending to BE a boy ! XD)
Or it´s like "He is my master" ... because she has to DO something she doesn´t want to to be able to pay back for the broken vase ! XD
Then again I thought it´s a bit like Please save my earth because of the chewing gum incident XDDDD *coughs*
Ah yeah and Honey-chan reminds me of Momiji (-> Fruits Basket !) SOOOOOOOOOO KAWAAAAIIIII~
(and that bunny of Honey-chan reminds me of the bunny in Gravitation) AND SO ON ! XD..)
But it´s NOT bad so far and I´m looking forward to the rest of the episodes ! ^__^

Finally: Sorry for spamming your f-list with so many pics (x___x) !!
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