06 August 2007 @ 07:45 pm
[Review]: Akihabara@Deep Ep.1 (with Toma XD)  
So, I finally started to watch Akiba@Deep.
It was on my list for quite a long time now, but there were always dramas I was interested in more and yeah ... but knowing that Toma is in it mysteriously put it on TOP of my to-watch-list XDDDD

  • Title: アキハバラ@DEEP
  • Title (romaji): Akihabara@DEEP
  • Genre: Action
  • Episodes: 11 + Special (Secret)

  • Synopsis:
    Akihabara is a Tokyo district full of mangas, anime, electronics, video games, figurines, etc. It is a place that gathers fanatics of such themes, people who are commonly referred to as otaku. Page, Box, Akira, Taiko, Daruma, and Izumu are six otaku each with his/her own troubles and sought relief through a website called "Yui’s Lifeguard." When site owner Yui died of a mysterious death, the six who are each experts in their own fields gathered to form "Akihabara@DEEP", a "trouble shooter" group that vows to protect Akihabara and solve the problems of its inhabitants.
    (Source: DramaWiki)

    Welcome to the world of OTAKUS!~ )

    Well, that´s it. :)
    I can´t say much about the story, but I have a feeling that this is not the best drama I´ve ever watched XDDDDD ... but who cares? Toma is VERY VERY cute in that one and I think I would have fallen for him earlier if I just watched it in 2006 ;___; *headdesk*

    And tomorrow we´ll get more Toma love!!! Hanakimi 6 is on its way!! (*___*)

    I think the people on my f-list start to hate me for my entries are only about jdramas, especially Hanakimi and with that especially about Toma XDDDD AAAH gomen neeee! ;___; ... XDDD *runs*
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