19 October 2007 @ 05:36 pm
[Photos]: What I bought in Japan!11!~  

because some people were getting on my nerves asking when the next "fandom" related picspam will come, I thought it´s time to share photos of the stuff I´ve bought in Japan (^^;) ......
and yes I still had money when I came back from Japan XD ... and no this didn´t all fit in my luggage, I had to send 2 packages home and a 3rd one because my luggage was too heavy ^^; ...........

So here we go!~


Are you sure you want to see it? XD )

HOMG! I´m not sure I wanna see this! T_T )

And it´s getting worse and worse! XD )

Okay, we´re almost through! ;P )

And the last cut, I promise! ^^ )

Okay ... there´s still more tiny things, but I think that´s enough and you get the main idea, right? ^^;;; ........ *runs away now*

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25 March 2007 @ 11:07 pm
[Quick Information]: Densha Otoko  
Whiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee~ 111!!!!~

You know what I discovered just now ????!!!
Yes, yes yes yeeeeesh~ I´m slow, I know that, BUT ! I have to write that down now, otherwise I´ll forget it and the links will disappear somewhere in my large linklist and that would be a SHAME !

Well this might only be of interest for people that already know Densha Otoko:

You know that thread where Densha and the others are posting in, right ? It was a real story and the thread existed for real @ 2chan like I´ve already written here.
So threads that have reached a specific number of posts are closed and then deleted OR only available in a very abbreviated version !
That´s why the DENSHA OTOKO thread doesn´t exist in its original form anymore BUT (!!!!!) you can buy the WHOLE script as a book (no it´s not the "normal" Densha Otoko book) @ !!!! Oooh dear if only my Japanese would be better (T____T) ... but KYAH ! That´s sooo cool !!! I think I´ll get it for sure some day ! That´s awesome !!!!

And there´s the 2chan´s library where you still can find some of the original postings ... of Densha (!) and the others ^__^ You can find it here !

And something else I found:
Animated posts ! of that thread ! Of course I don´t understand a lot, but it´s just great to see it again ^___^
As for all these things on the net, it´s always only an abbreviated version of the original of course (x_X)

Haaah~ I wanna re-watch Densha Otoko ! (*___*)

If you haven´t watched the Densha Otoko drama by now DO IT RIGHT AWAY !!!!!!!!! XD

But this is not the end for me: I´ve only watched the drama + movie. There´s still more to go: books, mangas (!), scripts .... AAAHHH !!!! (T___T) and no time XD ..

edit: And even BETTER ! [ profile] gyobaku started a Densha Otoko thread translation project !!!!!
You can read the original threads translated into English HERE !!!!!!!!!! KITAAAAAAAAAAA ! XD
Thank you Anonym (XD) for letting us know ! <3
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08 February 2007 @ 06:00 pm
Densha Otoko´s origin ^^  

I´m pretty sure that all the Densha Otoko fans already know this, but I´m going to write about this now nevertheless :P

As we all know a guy like Densha Otoko really exists in Japan. He wrote in a board about his single and otaku life and about the woman he got to know. It became VERY popular and that´s why they made a book, movie and drama out of it ! XDDDD

So what board was it ?
It´s of course the famous 2chan ^_____^

If you want to know more about it and its connection to Densha Otoko have a look at wikipedia.

There´s also an English help for the 2chan board here.

I´ve already surfed through that board a bit and found some really cute things there and I want to share them with you ^__^

So here we go:

<- Hehe~ the famous "KITAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!" XDDDDDDDDDD

Read more... )

Hmm~ yeah that´s all :]
Hope it was informative for at least some of you ^___^>
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14 January 2007 @ 04:25 pm
JDrama blabbering, meme, things I´ve found, lj sucks ?!~  
Sooo~ ... where to begin ?!
(I apologize right here, cuz it´s VERY random today ^^;..)

I´ve finished:

1) たったひとつの恋 (Tatta hitotsu no koi):
Well, ... what should I say ? It wasn´t bad. I really wasn´t bad, but I personally didn´t like that drama very much ! I don´t hate it though ! It´s definitely worth watching, especially when you´re a Kame or KAT-TUN fan ! ^^
But I´ve seen sooooooo many good dramas by now ... that this one was only average ^^; .. I guess :) don´t mind me and go ahead and watch it !!!

2) BlackCat:
It was really a good anime. As I already said in a previous entry I liked it a lot: a lot of glowing eyes, cute guys, sexy seiyuu! ... but it was TOO short ! It only has 23 episodes and that´s DEFINITELY not enough ! So I guess I have to read the manga now ^^ .. although there won´t be any glowing eyes and no seiyuu ;_____________; ... and my "to read"-manga list is growing and growing ! HELP !!!! (;__;) XD

2 series finished, 2 new at the start:

1) 14才の母 (14sai no haha = 14years-old mother):
The title says it all I guess ??!!! I LOVED that drama right from the beginning !!! I really love it although I´ve only watched the first 2 episodes so far.
I already know the main actress Shida Mirai from Sapuri ! (<- "the daughter" XD). She´s soooooooooo damn cute and although she was born in 1993 (Jesus, how YOUNG!) she´s doing a GREAT job acting such a tough role !!!!!!

more about it + screencaptures )

2) Beck
I wanted to read the manga for ages now, but still haven´t had time to ;___; ..... so I decided to watch the anime first instead ... and I think it was a good idea, because HEY it´s about MUSIC and can YOU hear music by reading a manga ??!!! XD ..
The drawing style may be a bit ... strange (perhaps a BIT like in GTO .. a BIT), but it fits this series well !!!
The music there is REALLY great, I also LOVE the opening song ! ^-^

<~ as you can see the series is all about music, bands and stuff ^^ ... that strange dog on the 2nd pic is called "Beck" .. later on the band the series is about is also called "Beck" ^^ ... They talk A LOT in English in that series !!! .. and it´s pretty GOOD English ! (well we all know how it sometimes sounds when Japanese speak English ^^; ...)

oNe meme!~ )

Things I found yesterday:

@[ profile] hesaki: Schau mal was ich gefunden habe:
(Ace wo nerae - der Anime !! *kreisch* ... OMG! ich wette, wenn der jetzt in Deutschland laufen würde, wären wir beide Fans davon ?!?! ... der Zeichenstil sieht aus wie eine Mischung aus Mila und Lady Oscar !! (*-*) .. ich will das sehen !!!!!)

I found some screencaps of Ace wo nerae ! (I´ve only seen the jdrama with Aya Ueto, but I LOOOOOOOVE old sport series like this and I sooooooooo want to see it now !!! ... it was never broadcasted in Germany ;___; ....)
The drawing style reminds me a bit of Rose of Versailles, nee ? ^^; ... KYAAAh~
That series is from 1973 !!!! (I feel so young suddenly ! XD)

more screencaps of Ace wo nerae!~ )

and another thing:

What are these white-pink things ? I´ve seen them so often in animes and stuff (especially in ramen !), but WHAT are those ?! XD .. sorry for being so stupid ! x____x .. and while I´m at it ... do you know by any chance what drink that is (not the beer ! XD) ????

Densha Otoko - THE BOOK!!!! )

And finally an important question about LJ´s notification system:
Do you have problems with it lately ? Since 3 days now I DON´T get any mail notifications when s.o. answered to a post, comment, etc. !!???!!! (so I´m sorry if I don´t answer at your journals etc., because I just DON´T GET NOTIFIED!!!) -___- ...
anyone with the same problems ? if not .. any ideas what I could do about it ?? :/ .. this sucks !!!!
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24 November 2006 @ 06:22 pm
Densha Otoko and blabbering ^-^  
こんばんは 皆さん (^-^)/

元気 です か。

Well, as you can see, I´m trying to use Japanese as often as I can. I´ve forgotten SO MUCH since I had to study for my final exams and didn´t have time for my Japanese studies (;___;) ..... I sooooo lack grammar and vocabulary *sigh* (Well, I lack Kanji, too, but there are computer programs that help me XD)

Anyway ... I want to say: 電車男 は 凄い! 見って 下さい ! / Densha Otoko is great. Please watch it !! ^_____^

Why ? Well, I´ve just finished it yesterday, but I really like this drama a LOT. And I´ve seen quite a lot J(!)dramas so far :) and ... right now I would say that Densha Otoko is one of the best dramas I´ve seen so far. It´s funny, exciting and cute !!!
And it´s special. Definitely special !
People who often sit in front of their computers + like chatting + surfing in the internet will definitely like that drama !!! XDDDD
I never thought that a series would succeed where you see people in front of their computers all the time, but it WORKS and it´s great :)

For more information go here: Densha Otoko @

Screencaptures + more information )

Yeah again some Pinky St. photos XDD .. nothing special though~

Prince of Tennis fans ATTENTION:
Prince of Tennis Pinky Street dolls !
They are sooo cute !! XD But you can´t buy them ! They were custom made :/ .... but cute, aren´t they ?

Fullmetal Alchemist fans ATTENTION:
Edward Elric ?! Pinky St. doll~
There´s even an Edward Pinky St. doll (*-*) .. but again custom made !!

Oh and a final question: Can s.o. please tell me what a "yaoi paddle" is supposed to mean ? ^^; ...
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