24 November 2006 @ 06:22 pm
Densha Otoko and blabbering ^-^  
こんばんは 皆さん (^-^)/

元気 です か。

Well, as you can see, I´m trying to use Japanese as often as I can. I´ve forgotten SO MUCH since I had to study for my final exams and didn´t have time for my Japanese studies (;___;) ..... I sooooo lack grammar and vocabulary *sigh* (Well, I lack Kanji, too, but there are computer programs that help me XD)

Anyway ... I want to say: 電車男 は 凄い! 見って 下さい ! / Densha Otoko is great. Please watch it !! ^_____^

Why ? Well, I´ve just finished it yesterday, but I really like this drama a LOT. And I´ve seen quite a lot J(!)dramas so far :) and ... right now I would say that Densha Otoko is one of the best dramas I´ve seen so far. It´s funny, exciting and cute !!!
And it´s special. Definitely special !
People who often sit in front of their computers + like chatting + surfing in the internet will definitely like that drama !!! XDDDD
I never thought that a series would succeed where you see people in front of their computers all the time, but it WORKS and it´s great :)

For more information go here: Densha Otoko @

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Yeah again some Pinky St. photos XDD .. nothing special though~

Prince of Tennis fans ATTENTION:
Prince of Tennis Pinky Street dolls !
They are sooo cute !! XD But you can´t buy them ! They were custom made :/ .... but cute, aren´t they ?

Fullmetal Alchemist fans ATTENTION:
Edward Elric ?! Pinky St. doll~
There´s even an Edward Pinky St. doll (*-*) .. but again custom made !!

Oh and a final question: Can s.o. please tell me what a "yaoi paddle" is supposed to mean ? ^^; ...
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