10 January 2007 @ 04:40 pm
[Discussion + Screencaptures]: Hana Yori Dango II - Episode 01  

so yesterday I finally got to watch Hana Yori Dango II - Episode 1 (of course WITH subs) ^^

Those 2 hours were really long, but really short !
Well, as some of you already said - the new intro is NOT as good as the old one. I think so, too, but it´s not bad either is it ? And the song at the end was great ! I loved it !!

Ok first of all: Basically I really loved the first episode ! BUT it was really, really a sad start !! :/ ................ Tsukasa no BAKAAA !!! ... Well for those like me who have already read the manga and watched the anime, there was not REALLY something new ... but they changed the order of events, so .... for me it´s very confusing ! What do you think ? XD On the other hand it´s good that they AGAIN do not follow exactly the manga story ... otherwise it would be boring ! :)

Also ... didn´t this episode begin just like the oneshot ("volume 37") that was out last year ? (only that Makino there was going to France for a wedding XDDD ...) ???!!

One of my favorite scenes was this one:

That was the first time we saw/heard Makino actually SAYING that and how much she likes Tsukasa, right ??!!! (If I remember right, such scenes were even VERY seldom in the manga ^^) ... so I really really really loved that one scene !! (;___;) .....

more scenes, screencaps and blabbering ! )

So .... you could say I really loved the 1st episode ! ... Although I think we will be going through hard times with Tsukushi and Tsukasa again ^^ ... but otherwise it wouldn´t be fun, would it ?

So now I want to hear your opinions !!!

At last: Are there screencaps out there yet ? I´ve only seen one post @ [ profile] hanayoridango so far .. and there were only a few caps. I´ve thougt about making some myself again (but after capping ALL of season 1 ... I don´t know XD ... it´s really a lot of work !)

P.S.: Screencaps were all made by me, you can find them at my journal here or here.
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