02 April 2007 @ 08:56 pm
[Conclusion]: Long Love Letter + Information: Super GALS!  
Hey everyone,

I´ve finally finished Long Love Letter.
Don´t worry, what I´m blabbering about doesn´t contain any spoilers. I´ll give a spoiler warning when they´re ahead though~

Hmmmmmmmm ..... like I already said it´s a VEEEERY strange drama, that´s for sure and my opinion didn´t change at all by the last episode.
It´s strange ..... you wouldn´t expect that kind of story after watching the first half of episode 1, would you ?
It´s NONE of those typical romantic dramas ... it´s not .... well I guess you can´t compare it to anything else ?

I´m still not sure if I should recommend this drama or not ..... but I guess although it´s strange and ... gets you to think about a lot of things ... it´s still GOOD! in a different way (^^;)
It´s really hard to explain, so I guess I´ll tell you a little bit about the story:

Long Love Letter - The storyline )

Pretty strange huh ?
Well I would like to tell you more, but ... no :)
It´s really very interesting and DAMN EXCITING!!!!!
Also there is one thing I can say without spoilers: It´s a good thing to watch this series in the year 2007 !!! ;)

So for those who´ve already watched that series. I´d like to discuss about the end:



So .. one series is over, another started. I´ve just yesterday started with a new series called Kisarazu Cat´s Eye
I guess some of you have alreay watched it ?
I must admit that I didn´t like the first episode much ..... :/ ..... BUT was the ending song really an Arashi song ???? !!!! O__O .. wow !~ *pants*
But don´t worry I´ll give that series a try and watch more episodes ^^ ....... but if it´s not getting any better, then I stop XD

Okay on to another topic:

There are finally new SUBBED episodes out of SUPER GALS !!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!! We had to wait for sooooooooooooooooooooooooo long !!!!!
I´m really looking forward to watch episode 19+ ^____________________^ (and I was really sad, because this series isn´t released here in Germany yet :/ ....)

So if you also waited for new episodes, then get them here @ [ profile] anime_downloads or if you can use Bit Torrent ~> NNK-Anime
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