16 December 2006 @ 02:47 pm
Lunch Queen, My Boss My Hero and Naruto (episode 134)  
ε=ε=ε=( ^o^)/ yaaa~!!

I´ve finished 'My Boss, My Hero' now. In the end it was really pretty cute and funny, but in my opinion it´s not one of the best j dramas.
And I still find it astonishing that Kashii Yu / 香椎由宇 (who´s born in 1987) is playing the TEACHER of Nagase Tomoya / 長瀬智也 (who´s born in 1978 !!!!). Poor Yu ! XDDD But she really looks older than she is, don´t you think ??
And I DID NOT know that Tomoya is a part of TOKIO, that´s GREAT !! I love TOKIO ^^ …. (yes I´m stupid for not noticing this earlier *sigh*)

So now I´ve finally started to watch Lunch Queen! I wanted to watch it earlier, but then again I wanted to wait until every episode is subbed and now I´m SOOO glad that I´ve waited, cuz NOW there are SO MANY familiar faces !!! ^____^ it´s much more fun to watch it this way ! :)
So who do we get to see there ??

come in and find out ! XDD )

I can´t really say much about that drama yet, but it´s definitely about food !! I was sooooo drooling while seeing episode 1 XDDDD and after that I was really hungry ! XDDD

Ok, I´ve finally catched up with Naruto.
I´ve seen episode 134 yesterday. I think only 1 more episode and then the filler start (;__;) ....
BUT wow ... WOOOOOOOOOW !!!!!
The last few episodes really were great !!! (oh yes - please read only ahead if you´ve already seen all episodes up to 134 ^^; ...)

Naruto x Sasuke )

that´s all ^______^/
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