04 February 2011 @ 05:28 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kawaguchiko - Day 3  

I need to keep my travel entries coming, because in less than 2 months I will be travelling through Japan again as it's spring vacation!!! I should start planning soon! That also means that by then I should have finished posting all my winter vacation photos, right?!
Also, I'm working on something else right now which I will hopefully finish in a few days so that I can show it to you guys.
Anyways, here we go!~

Kawaguchiko - Day 3 (December 31st 2010):

I wanted to leave quite early for Tokyo on the 31st! I also wanted to meet [ profile] calpis37 and [ profile] shelketuesti there! After that I had to leave for Saitama. Quite a busy schedule.

What will the weather be like today?! )

Mt. Fuji photogasm!~ )

Goodbye, Adieu, Auf Wiedersehen!~ )

Yesterday was setsubun! One of my favorite special days in Japan, but it's not a national holiday! It was the first time I didn't "celebrate" it, though, as I was all alone in my apartment the whole time

Alright, that's all for today.
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27 January 2011 @ 05:24 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kawaguchiko - Day 2  

It's my first day off in what feels like ages and I've been super busy even when not at work, thus the lack of entries. At least I try to keep my travel entries coming.
Thanks for being so patient with me
Anyways here we go~

Kawaguchiko - Day 2 (December 30th 2010):

As I already mentioned in my previous entry, I feared that the weather forecast would be true (cloudy/rainy the whole day ) and thus I got up extremely early (around 5:30am) because there was a slight chance that it would be still clear in the morning.

After a very short and cold night I woke up and saw this from the window of my hotel room. It looked better than I'd expected and so I ate my breakfast quickly and then left to take one of the first trains.

Race against the clouds!~ )

Huh? Where's Mt. Fuji??!!! )

Thanks a lot for reading and commenting!!

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21 January 2011 @ 04:27 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kawaguchiko - Day 1  

It's finally time to start with my winter vacation picture spam. All photos are sorted and most of them are uploaded by now. I promise that I try to update regularly - at least my travel entries. Please be patient.
Before we start with day 1, I've thought of something special for this time. I decided to make a small travel map (maybe I'll do that for all of my trips from now on). You feel even more like you've done something and been somewhere with that :D

If I wanna display all my travels so far, I'd need a more detailed and a bigger map. Couldn't find one so far (not online at least). Anybody can help out?
There's one tiny mistake, though. I didn't go to Takayama (#4) directly from Saitama, but went back to Tokyo and went from there. But that's just a tiny detail anyways.
As you can see I pretty much went around in a circle (apart from my trip to Tokyo area).
P.S.: Yeah, I know that Hokkaido is missing on this map, but it's not important for my trip this time and it would have taken up too much space (sorry Hokkaido! XD)

Kawaguchiko - Day 1 (December 29th 2010):

So, my first destination was Kawaguchiko. Kawaguchiko literally means "Lake Mouth" and just refers to the area around lake Kawaguchi which is one of the 5 Mt. Fuji lakes in Yamanashi Prefecture.
Mt. Fuji is so big that it actually is part of two different prefectures. One is Yamanashi (where I went) and the other one is Shizuoka (on the exact opposite side viewed from Lake Kawaguchi).
In summer I climbed Mt. Fuji (as you might remember) and we originally planned to start our journey from Lake Kawaguchi (because the view there with the lake is so beautiful ), but due to a typhoon our plans got cancelled and changed and we ended up climbing it from the opposite side from Shizuoka Prefecture. That was one of the reasons why THIS time I wanted to go to Kawaguchiko ^-^;

Read more... )

Mt. Fuji, I love you after all!! ^-^ )

Thanks for reading and stay tuned (^-^)/
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