11 January 2009 @ 12:52 pm
BL Games Sunday (*_*)  
⊂((〃 ̄ー ̄〃))⊃ ふふふ ....
I decided to make my Sunday as relaxed as possible. Not thinking about work, not studying Japanese for a change.
Instead I tried out the BL PC games I bought during my winter vacation plus some I had on my computer, but until now no time to look at them.

I've made quite a few screencaps while doing so, because most of them were really CUTE (*____*)

WARNING: Not work-safe at all. Contains nudity, sex scenes and too much candy XDDDD Image heavy.

ENZAI (eine falsche Beschuldigung) )

DEATH NOTE!! smexy ^^ )

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And that's where we start.

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Uh ... yes. And that's it. That was pretty much my Sunday, ahem.
Okay .... and before this day is over I have some other things to do, so excuse me *runs off* XDDDDD~
[mood]: relaxed
[music]: TV: funny taiga drama with Inoue Maou