20 March 2011 @ 09:35 pm
[Japan Travel]: Osaka and Uji (Kyoto)  

I hope everybody is alright.
I'm back from my short Osaka trip and it was SO REFRESHING AND RELAXING!!! The best thing I could have done! I'm so glad I went!
I enjoyed 2 stage plays with Ikuta Toma (I'll write in detail about those in a separate entry soon!). I met [ profile] kanefunnn and we had a lot of fun, eating yummie food and talking a lot!
In those two days I was completely cut off of any news and I almost completely forgot what happened. Life in Osaka as well, went on as normal, it was great!

I left early in the morning on Thursday and arrived in Osaka around noon time. I had a quick lunch sitting in front of Osakajou Hall and then I went off to watch the stage play which took over 3 hours! Then I spent the rest of the day with [ profile] kanefunnn
In my hotel (super tired) I quickly checked out options for the next day because the other stage play wouldn't start before 7pm, enough time for some sightseeing. The "problem" was that I've already been to pretty much everything in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe. I wanted to go to Amanohashidate (again!), but as I only had half a day, that would have been too short. In the end I decided to go to Uji in Kyoto (famous for its green tea ) and it was great!!
I took some photos in Osaka as well as in Uji to show you how normal life in the rest of Japan is! I hope that calms a few people down, though, things seem to have calmed down anyways?!

Osaka (March 17th 2011) + Uji (March 18th 2011):

Osaka! Long time no see!! )

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Uji City in Kyoto!~ )

Well, as you can see I've completely calmed down for now.
This trip was great! Things seem to have calmed down in general. I think and I hope they'll get the other reactors under control soon. They even found some people alive in the disaster zone. That's so great! ;o;
I think it's too early to say things are safe, but I stopped worrying for now and it feels good!
So many people I know left the country in the last few days, some were forced to by their companies or Embassies, it seems. (though you always can reject! )
I won't leave this country unless it's really necessary. I would have left Tokyo if I lived there and moved further to the Southwest of Japan as some people did. That's still cheaper and less drastic than buying an expensive plane ticket.
Funny thing is that some people who told me that I'm panicking to much have left the country already while I'm still here! XD
Anyways, hope everybody is doing fine and thanks so much for caring so much!!! ^_____^ You guys are GREAT!!!!
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20 May 2010 @ 10:39 am
[Japan Travel]: Osaka in May (*-*)  

It seems you'll have to wait a little bit longer for the next "travel entry" of my spring vacation, because I wanna post about my trip to Osaka (and Iga-Ueno the next time) last week first.
As most of you know I went to Osaka for 2 days, mainly to watch a movie and meet my NUMBER ONE Japanese star (*___*)
As it's really expensive to travel to Osaka from where I live I figured I should use this opportunity and plan a short trip as well.
The result: one day sightseeing in Osaka, one day in Iga-Ueno. The latter was really awesome and worth the money, but let's start with Osaka today (^-^)/

Osaka (May 13th, 2010):

temple, museum, castle, shrine - speed dating in Osaka?! XD )

What?? After meeting Toma you still had the strength to do some more sightseeing??? O___O; ... Where? Why? How? XD )

Osaka at night looks cool, don't ya think?

Osaka at night. View from the Umeda Sky Building )

The next morning I got up super early to leave for Iga-Ueno (Mie Prefecture) to see a castle and an old ninja school
Stay tuned for the next entry!

Comments are love!
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18 March 2010 @ 07:20 am
[Japan Travel]: Osaka - Day 1 (*final day)  

This will already be the last travel entry of my winter vacation.
After leaving Nara, I went to Osaka for my last day for some shopping <3

Osaka - Day 1 (January 8th, 2010):

I went fandom shopping, but before that .... )

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Finally: Fandom Shopping (*_*) )

And that was my winter vacation 2009/10 . I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did (although - as you know now - it wasn't the "luckiest" vacation I ever had).
In the end I still enjoyed it and managed to get some nice photos out of if (^-^)/❤

I think I want to update my "japan travel" tags. By now I have soooo many entries, that it needs further management. I'm not yet sure how exactly I wanna organize my travel entries. I'm open for any suggestions.
I might order it by city (Osaka, Kyoto etc. -> *japan: travel: Kyoto), by prefecture (*japan: travel: Okayama Pref.) or by area: Kyuushuu, Kansai (*japan: travel: Kyuushuu).
Furthermore it might make sense to also do something like: *japan: travel: shrines / *japan: travel: castles / *japan: travel: onsen etc.
What do you think?
Thanks for your suggestions and ideas (^-^)/
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14 November 2007 @ 12:36 pm
[Japan Photos]: Nijo Castle + Osaka (Castle & Aquarium)  
finally I have some time to continue the Japan photo picspam!

Nijo Castle:

This was very interesting, although we don´t have much photos of it. You weren´t allowed to take photos INSIDE the castle which was a shame, because it was really impressive.
But the most amazing thing was the floor! It´s a ninja trick and it´s still working: When you walk over the wooden floor you hear the "twitter of nightingales". Those floors are therefore called "nightingale floors".
With this they knew immediately when an enemy was on its way ^-^;

photos of Nijo-jo )

Osaka Castle + Aquarium )

Port of Osaka + Ferris Wheel )


But that´s now really all! XD
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