19 October 2007 @ 05:36 pm
[Photos]: What I bought in Japan!11!~  

because some people were getting on my nerves asking when the next "fandom" related picspam will come, I thought it´s time to share photos of the stuff I´ve bought in Japan (^^;) ......
and yes I still had money when I came back from Japan XD ... and no this didn´t all fit in my luggage, I had to send 2 packages home and a 3rd one because my luggage was too heavy ^^; ...........

So here we go!~


Are you sure you want to see it? XD )

HOMG! I´m not sure I wanna see this! T_T )

And it´s getting worse and worse! XD )

Okay, we´re almost through! ;P )

And the last cut, I promise! ^^ )

Okay ... there´s still more tiny things, but I think that´s enough and you get the main idea, right? ^^;;; ........ *runs away now*

^-^/ ~~~~~~~~~~~--------------***------->
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14 August 2006 @ 04:08 pm
[Lovebars]: 30 Anime / Manga Lovebars~  
Hehe~ this is FUN ! ^___^
As [ profile] chatiel requested, there are some Aishiteruze Baby lovebars. There are also a lot of Hana Yori Dango ones ^^ cuz I wanted to make some for a long time now :) (but for now only of the anime series !)
The rest is more or less random ^___^ All of them are GREAT series, so if you don´t know them all READ/WATCH them !! (ô_^) *grin*
じゃあ、 始めますか。

Lovebars in this post: [30]

[8] x Hana Yori Dango
     [2] x general series
     [1] x F4
     [1] x Tsukasa Domyouji
     [1] x Tsukushi Makino
     [1] x Rui Hanazawa
     [1] x Tsukushi + Tsukasa
     [1] x Tsukushi + Rui

[6] x Aishiteruze Baby
     [1] x general series
     [1] x Kippei Katakura
     [1] x Yuzuyu Sakashita
     [1] x Kokoro Tokunaga
     [1] x Kokoro + Kippei
     [1] x Kippei + Yuzuyu

[1] x Fake
[1] x Haru wo daiteita
[2] x Puchiko (Digi Charat)

[1] x Angel Sanctuary
[1] x Ayashi no Ceres
[1] x Chobits
[1] x Here is Greenwood
[2] x Hanakimi
[3] x Marmalade Boy
[1] x Okane ga nai
[1] x Penguin Brothers
[1] x Zetsuai / Bronze

Copy the text in the textbox below the lovebar you want and paste it in your userinfo.
If you want the lovebars to be in the middle/center of your user info, you have to add the following code: <center>lovebar here</center>


Hana Yori Dango:

aishiteru !~ )
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