05 November 2006 @ 04:57 pm
Blabbering: Currently Watching etc.  
I´ve played around a bit with my user info and changed it.
But I don´t know if it´s a mess with other browsers, so if you have a little bit of time, it would be nice if you could have a look at it and tell me if it messes up your browser or not :)

I´m currently watching Naruto.
NO, not the creepy German version, but the Japanese original version ^_____^ and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this series !
At first I always heard "Gon" when hearing Naruto, but now I´m fine (because they have the same seiyuu). I love this voice ♥
Only the "dattebayo" is sometimes getting on my nerves (^^;) but it´s better than the German 'translation' for it = "Echt jetzt!" - THIS is really annoying ! (x__x;)
I´m now up to episode 57 ^___^ Ero-Sennin is 'training' *coughs* Naruto and I can laugh so much, it´s sooo funny right now (although it´s nothing new: old perverted guys seem to be the best trainers ! *points at Dragonball* one is a KAME-Sennin and one a FROG-Sennin *laugh*)
Well, the only thing Naruto seems to be training right now is his sexy no jutsu !! XDDDD
Oh and I wanna be able to summon tadpoles, too !! Must be great ! XDDD (and yes I´ve already seen the episode where Ero-Sennin throws Naruto down a cliff and what happens then ^^; ...)
I TOTALLY loved the 2nd opening song (Haruka Kanata sung by Asian-Kung Fu Gerneration) - I think I´m becoming a fan of them ^^; (cuz I also liked "Rewrite" the last FMA opening a lot)
Ah and before I forget it: I LOVE LEE !!! I think I really will become a huge fan of him !!!!!!!! I was SOOO pissed during his fight against Gaara (people who have already seen it, know WHY !) :/ .... LEE GANBAREEE !!! (^____^)b *fangirl-squee*

Yakitate Japan:
Ok, other than that I´m still watching Yakitate Japan.
It´s soooooooooooooooo stupid !!! I love it, but it´s silly and strange, funny and stuuupiiiid !!!!! XDDDDD

some screencaps // funny scenes !~ )

I´m also watching Fullmetal Panic and Tsubasa Chronicles, but I started both series over 1 year ago !
Fullmetal Panic IS good, but not my genre I guess ... and for some reason I just don´t like Tsubasa Chronicles!!! That´s strange cuz Shaoran was once one of my favourite characters in the Clamp world o__O; .....

The jdrama I´m watching right now is: Sapuri
I guess this is interesting for [ profile] hesaki & [ profile] mahochan1, so I´m telling you a BIT about it.
It´s pretty similar to Pride in my opinion. Well, it´s not about hockey, but about a advertising agency. But there are a lot of relationship problems and stuff like that at their workplace.
Also this drama has KAME in it ! (^^,)
I was not a big fan of him, when I saw him @ Nobuta wo produce, but his role in Sapuri is great ^___^
There are other actors you might already know in it, too ^^

@[ profile] hesaki:
Der Trainier aus Pride spielt hier auch mit - eine VÖLLIG andere Rolle und dennoch total passend. Das Drama gefällt dir (wie gesagt) sicher ^^;

Sapuri screencaptures )

Dragonball GT:
Well I already have written that I´m pretty satisfied with the German version, BUT they´re going to leave OUT 13 episodes !!!! (x____x;) I hate stuff like this. Oh well luckily I already have seen all the episodes a 100 times ^^
Also: I´ve been searching through youtube for German Dragonball stuff and found something REALLY horrible!!!!! (x____x;) .... you really have to be ashamend that this is a German song/video (x____x;) (btw. this was also the opening song of Dragonball back then)
If you dare, check it out:

Oh and for [ profile] anime_junkie18: You wanted to hear the German voice of Trunks, right ?
If you have time and feel like it, just go here:
(OMG! I love this episode !!!! I love his voice !!! It´s Future Trunks who has come back from the future and tells Goku everything even that he is the son of Bulma and Vegeta ! ^__^)

Ok, that´s all for now ^___^
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30 October 2006 @ 07:15 pm
Dragonball GT in German ^___^ success !~  
Wow I´m soooooooooo glad !!! The first 2 episodes of GT were broadcasted today and they were better than I expected them to be ^___^
Almost all of the characters have their previous voices !! Vegeta, too *droooools*
Chibi Gokus has a fitting voice, only Pan sounds way toooo young !!!
The opening is GREAT ! It´s Dan Dan Kokoro only with German text, IT´S GREAT !
And there is even an ENDING ! That´s rare here in Germany ! The ending is new (it´s not from a Japanese song) - unfortunately I couldn´t find the ending on youtube yet, but I will post it - also some scenes with voices - e.g. Trunk´s German voice - cuz his voice is smexy ^^)

Here are now the German opening and a trailer ^___^
Enjoy :)

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YAAAY I´m really glad that´s it´s not as crappy as Naruto! (Of course I´m talking about the German versions ! Don´t get me wrong I LOVE Naruto, but not the German version x_x)
btw. today it was episode 30 and they cut out the most important scene where Orochimaru BIT Sasuke ! Sooooo stupid x___X ....
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28 October 2006 @ 05:32 pm
[Information]: Dragonball GT in Germany !  
Starting next week Dragonball GT will finally be broadcasted here in Germany !
I never thought that this day would come ! But now it´s really being broadcasted here :)

Dan Dan kokoro... )

P.S.: They say that it´s going to snow from Wednesday on ! (x___x;) Give me a break ! *sigh*
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