04 May 2007 @ 08:04 pm
[Icons]: 264 J Actor/Actress Icons!~ PART ONE  
Hi there!

New record! 264!!!! Icons (>_____>)
I´m sorry!!!! LJ didn´t let me post all in one entry (;___;) ... So I had to split it up *sigh* .... This sucks, I´m sorry! :/

Part 2 can be found here!~

I started off with Aya Ueto, because I just felt like it .... She´s so daaaaaaaaaaaaamn cute! I LOVE her!!!!
Then I sooooo wanted Itou Misaki icons, because I still haven´t made any Densha Otoko icons (;__;) ... because there are no screencaps
She is sooooo gorgeous! I found so many gorgeous pictures of her (*__*) I like her even more now! XD

Then I thought I want some male j icons as well ... that´s why there are also some Jun icons! ^^; ... And then I though if there´s Jun, there should be Mao... but as you can see I´ve only made 3 icons of her. GOMEN NE!!! (>___>)

I hope you like them!
I´ve used a LOT of different colorings and some effects (some icons look like popart or like that ^^;) ...


Icons in this post: [264]

[086] x Ueto Aya
[039] x Matsumoto Jun
[003] x Inoue Mao
[136] x Itou Misaki -> in part2

We can make it *sing* !~ )
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