25 March 2006 @ 01:18 pm
[Bases]: 70 Super GALS icon / mood bases [60 x 60]  
[mood| good ^^ ]
[music| w-inds - Lil' crazy XD ]

Hi, everyone ^^

I´ve mad tons and tons of icons bases lately (100 x 100) ^^;; but before I´m going to post them, I got to sort them out and stuff o.o~
But some days ago I came across some very OLD bases I made some years ago ^^;;; That´s why they´re in 60 x 60 format O_O; ..... But I thought I could share them nevertheless ^^;

If you really like them, just grab them ^^ You can do what you like with them ! Make 'normal' icons out of it OR make a nice moodtheme :) That´s what I would do, but I´m just too lazy lately *g*

Super GALS conquer the world ! )

Nn~ looking at these pictures I almost forgot how MUCH I like this series <33333
I´m going to make some icons of Super GALS in the future, I hope they will turn out good ^^;;;

and one more thing XD~ )