30 December 2014 @ 07:06 pm
[Anime / Manga]: Naruto Shippuden - The End  

So, I took the advice of some of you and just tried to relax for a while, ignoring everything else.
As I'm preparing my huge SALES entries, I thought I could re-read some of my old manga before I sell them. I started out with Mars (a shojo manga) cuz I couldn't remember anything about it.
Then I re-read Kizuna because I knew how much I loved it. Then, I was suddenly soaked into the BL universe again and re-watched Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Junjo Romantica which I used to love .... and THEN I even read the manga!! T_T ...

Thanks to recommendations on Twitter, I also got into Love Stage.

To get away from all the super sweet and hot BL love, I figured that it's FINALLY time to finish reading "Basara". I was such a huge fan about 11 years ago, but there were no scanlations of newer chapters and my Japanese wasn't good enough back then. I decided to wait, but as you all know I lost interest in anime / manga and so it never happened.
I finally read all of it and it was so awesome!!

Anyway, ..... then I was looking around and saw I still had some old Naruto and Bleach episodes floating around. I went for Naruto, clicked on the first video and noticed it's a filler episode. -__-
I remember why I stopped back then. ^^;; .....
I can't remember when I stopped watching Naruto, but it must have been shortly after I wrote this LJ entry - a tribute to Sasuke and Itachi.
And that was in 2009!!!!!!!!!

If you haven't seen what happened between Itachi and Sasuke, DON'T CONTINUE READING! It will all be spoilers for you otherwise!

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27 December 2009 @ 12:37 pm
[Screencaps]: Tribute to Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha ❤  
I haven't fangirled in a loooooooooooooooooooooong time!
It also feels like forever that I last posted any screencaps - may it be jdrama or anime.
Naruto has been quite boring lately, but since Sasuke is finally back on screen it has become soooooooooooo awesome!
And I as Sasuke fan was especially happy, of course ❤
(On the other hand Bleach is still very boring ............................... too many fillers and stuff *yawns*)

This is a tribute to the 2 brothers: Sasuke and Itachi who finally meet again and have their final battle.
For those of you who haven't seen Naruto Shippuden episodes 135--138 or haven't read the corresponding manga chapters yet, this entry will contain HUGE SPOILERS, so please DO NOT CLICK ON THE LJ CUT IF YOU DON'T WANNA GET SPOILED!!!

I won't comment much, I want the screenshots to speak for themselves. For those of you who click on the link, you know what's going on there anyway :)

But first of all:

NARUTO warns his viewers about INFLUENZA??????? XDDDDD

When I saw that I couldn't stop laughing! That's Japan!! Go, Japan! XDDDD

Let's start with a flashback ..... (chibi Sasuke is sooo cute (*_*) ...)

The secret of the Uchiha clan )

No, I don't want SasukexItachi doujinshi now. No, no, no, no!!! o┤*´Д`*├o

P.S.: If you want to use any of my screenshots, please go ahead. If you put them on a website or convert them into icons, please don't forget to credit, thanks ❤
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12 May 2007 @ 08:06 pm
Random, random RANDOM!!!! >:)  
Good evening! *bows* XD

Dragonball - the magic begins:

So if anyone is still interested in that crappy Dragonball Live Action movie, I talked about in my last entry and if you´re a member of [ profile] jdramas, you can download it HERE!

For those who aren´t a member, I still want to copy and paste the comment [ profile] sabacat wrote about this movie:

"First-off... this movie is BAD! It's so bad that before you know it,you've sat there and watched the whole thing, and actually had a goodtime continously thinking about how bad it is! I read a comment wheresomeone said it's like a train wreck you can't look away from, and thatdescribes it perfectly! Goku's grandfather looks like a crack-addictedHarry Potter fifty years after Hogwarts, and Master Roshi is prettydead-on(gotta love the perv in the turtle shell)! Anyway, it's dubbedin 70's unsynced kung-fu style, and for some reason(probablyunauthorized copywrite reasons) all the names are changed...even theDragon Balls are called "Dragon Pearls"...scary!). Still it's good fora super-cheesy bit of fun!"

*loooooooooooooool* XDDDDDDDDDDD

Death Note Movie2:

I´ve finally watched the 2nd movie as well some days ago.

First of all: I´M STUPID STUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPID stupid baka bakaa baaaaaaaaakaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
I told you that I didn´t like the actor of Raito Yagami, right? And that I didn´t know WHY I hate him, just THAT I don´t like him.
NOW I KNOW WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course I wouldn´t hate him without knowing him from somewhere else .... HE WAS SHUYA IN BATTLE ROYALE (I + II) .....
He was okay in part 1, but I REALLY hated him in part 2!!!!!!! Okay I hated part 2 in general XD ... AAAAHHH why didn´t I notice that earlier?
So it´s Fujiwara Tatsuya!
Considering the roles he had so far ... especially BR and Death Note .... he´s pretty scary! XDDDDD
(T-T) ... I feel stupid! XDDD


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To my European flist:

Is anyone watching the Eurovision Song Contest tonight?
I usually don´t watch it unless I know that there´s s.o./ good! ... Like last year: Lordi! XDDDDD
As far as I know there is nothing special this year! Are there good acts from your country? Because the German guy is BORING!!!!

edit: ETA: ZOMG! Have you seen that gay Spanish boygroup? XD (sorry! XD)
But Finland´s song was okay, the best one so far! I can´t watch it all, but I wanna hear France and Germany later ^^
AAAH that Swedish guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
United Kingdom: Have they watched too much Attention Please? XD
Ukraine: WTF? .. and why do they count in GERMAN??? XD
(yes watched the short versions of the songs at the end right now XD)
Turkey like usual .... BTW. you know what? IM SURE THAT TURKEY GETS THE HIGHEST SCORE FROM GERMANY LIKE EVERY YEAR! ... (T-T) .. *lol* XD
edit2: HAH I knew it! 12 points from Germany to Turkey, but NO points from Turkey for Germany ... GRRRR ('__') ..... XD

2 Random Naruto pics:
* yes it´s interesting what you find in old folders after you´ve had an computer crash XD

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God, I´m being too random lately (T___T) ....
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26 September 2006 @ 12:16 pm
Cuts, cuts², cuts³ in the German Naruto version  
Well, as I´ve already told you in this post Naruto is now on German tv.
A lot of people have been complaining about the German version.
The voices are not fitting, they pronounce some of the names wrong.
And the German opening which isn´t even in German is horrible, too !!

You can have a look at the German opening here:

[Error: unknown template 'video']

But the most annoying thing are the cuts. We have the US version of Naruto - and as you might know there are already a lot of cuts - but the German version has even MORE cuts !
I want to give you some examples here - you will soon know what I´m talking about:

The Japanese original version:

The US version:

The German version:

See any difference ? (-__-;) ...

So as you can see the Americans cut out the weapon and a BIT of the blood. The Germans cut out the WHOLE thing !!! So as you can imagine the story changes a lot with stuff like that !!!
Everyone looks shocked and we Germans only think "Huh ? Why ? He has only a SMALL wound that isn´t even bleeding !!!" ... OMG ! *shakes head*

More examples ?

Well there is a lot more, but I just wanted to give you a short overview.
If you want to see more about each episode go to Animedigital (although it´s in German, but the screencaps say it all, so you will understand even without knowing German !)

Credits for the screencaps and the comparison:
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17 September 2006 @ 07:54 pm
[Information] Naruto the anime series is coming to Germany !~  
I have just a short note.
Naruto will be broadcasted in Germany starting on 18.09. (tomorrow). (but only the first 52 episodes !)
Hn~ I don´t know that series THAT much, I´ve read some chapters (prolly the first 3 volumes of the manga) and thought it was pretty good.
I will definitely watch it from time to time, but I´m afraid of the German dub version (as always (-____-;) ....)

(click on the picture to see the larger version)

Oh and Samurai Champloo is also on German tv at the moment. I like that series pretty much and the German dub is GREAT (do you know the series "Buffy" ? The German voice actor of Spike is lending his voice to Mugen ! It really fits ! ^-^)
Gantz is also broadcasted here ... on MTV ! XD It´s not my genre, but I´m watching it nevertheless. It´s veeeeeeery strange in my opinion o____O; ....

That´s all for today ^___^/
Good night / good fight
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