12 February 2011 @ 07:39 pm
[Japanese]: JLPT N2 - Results are out!  
Hey friends!

I just came back from work and I have to work tomorrow (Sunday!) as well. As you can see I'm quite busy. I probably won't be able to post another entry until Thursday or Friday, but something happened today that I want to share with you guys quickly.
First of all I woke up to see a cool and extreme snowstorm outside. It almost felt like home (^-^') ... I couldn't use my bicycle in that snow, so I walked to work today. I walked happily like a little girl - completely strange. Usually (aka back home in Germany) I hate that kind of weather, but now that I don't have a car and all, it's GREAT!! Usually I would have to grab a snow shovel and free my car and everything around our house from the snow.
It's raining now and by tomorrow everything is probably gone already. Too bad that I didn't take my camera with me, but I was too worried I would fall into the snow (here in Japan they don't have any law that people need to get rid of the snow in front of their houses and the pavement). It was around 15cm of snow, I guess!

Anyways, the reason for this entry is something else. When I came home just right now I found something in my mailbox. At first I thought it's about pension/taxes or whatever as the fiscal year in Japan starts in April, but once I had a closer look at it I saw that it's about the JLPT. THE RESULTS ARE OUT!!!! I really didn't expect to get them THAT early!!! They said something about mid of February and they were also late with sending out the vouchers last year, so .....

Anyways, I forgot everything around me and opened it immediately.
I scimmed through it and soon found what I was looking for:

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Alright, am off to do other things now. Had to leave for work right after I got up in the morning, so there's still this and that that needs to be done.
Read you soon again!
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06 December 2010 @ 12:17 am
[Japanese]: I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?! :(  

Yes, I'm still alive and I'm finally back!!! Sorry for the long hiatus, but as most of you know I had lots of things to do these past few weeks.
NOW I'm finally FREEEEEE!!!! :D
Time to be happy right? NO!!!!!!

People who follow my Twitter probably already know this, but today the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) was held all over the world (and in some places it's not yet time - stupid time difference XD)
I've never taken the test before. Basically because the lower levels (previously 4kyuu, 3kyuu now N5, N4, N3) don't get you anywhere, but the higher levels (previously 2kyuu, 1kyuu now N2, N1) are considered as "business level Japanese" and can open you doors jobwise and stuff.
They changed the whole testing system for the first time this year, so all old study material and all knowledge from old tests won't help as much anymore.
Although I already passed the second highest level in mock tests over a year ago, I still haven't taken it until today.
Why? Because it's expensive and so I wanted to make sure that I would be able to pass it.

I missed the application deadline for the July test (also something new, only in Japan you can take the test twice a year now - previously you only could take it in December) and that's why I took it today instead.
I've already started preparing for N1 (the highest level and my ultimate goal) anyways.

I took this test because I was pretty sure that I could pass it.
Why I was sure? Well, I took tons of mock tests that introduced the new testing style and typical questions and all. (I also took the real N2 from July!)
My overall average was 81%.
For N2 there are 3 sections: (my average mock test percentage)
Vocabulary/Kanji (~82%)
Reading (~66%)
Listening (~92%)

Some photos from this morning~ )

Can you believe it's already December when you see these photos?? ^^;

So, was it worth all the money, the long journey, the years of sacrificing my free time in order to study??? ............ NOOOOO!!!!! ;o; .. )

Everybody, please let me hear about your JLPT experience? Not only today's but in general!
How many people were there? Did you have any rule breakers?
Congratulations to all of you who passed 2kyuu or 1kyuu. You are awesome! (If we use the old grading system then I would have passed, too, though ;o; ....?!)

The funniest thing ever was that quite a lot of the people taking N2 in my room didn't seem to understand what the examiner said to them XD
Also, I was pretty much the only one who could speak fluently with one of the bus drivers.
Well, but who cares. I suck when it's actually really important. I deserve to have failed the test - that's how much I suck, I guess :(

It was a life experience today. Definitely. Not a good one, though. But, yeah.

That's enough for today.
I should feel crappy but I feel refreshed at the moment. Probably because all the pressure is gone now :) And I'm finally free to do other things again. Feeling like an idiot to have sacrificed so much of my free time on Japanese studies in the last few years, though.

I went to Miyajima when the autumn colors were most beautiful a few weeks ago. Please look forward to some awesome photos which will be up soon.
Also, I still need to post the surprise I keep talking about so often XD
But, it's a busy week, so we'll see.

P.S.: Oh and I don't wanna hear any "OH, I'm sure you passed blah" comforting sentences, k? I tell you I really, really completely failed the reading so unless they change their grading system I have no chance :(
P.P.S.: Actually I wanted to treat myself and finally watch the new Harry Potter in cinema, but now I'm not sure if I really deserve this :/ ....

Beloved bed here I come
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12 September 2010 @ 08:18 pm
Japanese studies with Toma and JOKER! XD  
Good evening!~ (or whatever time it is where you live ^-^; ..)

Here's just a quick (but not short) update!

As mentioned in my previous (travel) entry, I'm really busy lately.
Work has been horrible and busy, but it's also because I'm totally back into study mode!

That's right! I'm finally taking the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)!
I'm pretty sure that most of you know about it anyways.
The level I want to take is N2 (formerly known as 2kyuu). As some of you know I already passed a 2kyuu mock test with 76% last year in September.

So, why am I not trying N1 then??
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I also bought these two little treasures recently:

Toma rabuuuu ahead!~❤ )

Last but not least, some sad news: I didn't get any Arashi tickets through the fanclub (I'm not a member but one of my coworkers is and she balloted for both of us).
I REALLY wanna go to an Arashi concert at least once, though! I've been in Japan for almost 3 years now and never been to ANY concert (not only Arashi, but in general!!!)
I checked how much the tickets cost in online auctions just to find out that they're about 63.000-100.000yen (~630-1000$). If you get tickets through the fanclub directly it's only about 5000yen (50$)!!!!!
THIS is CRAZY!!!!! Only the ones for Sapporo Dome are cheaper (45.000yen), but all of the cities where the concerts will take place are far away and either way I'd have to pay another 10.000-45.000yen just to get to the concert hall!! We're talking about 1000$ just for ONE short concert!!! That's just too crazy ;o; .... Not sure yet, what I'll do.
Maybe I'll go to the concert hall closest to where I live and wait in front of the dome before the concert and just hope that somebody will sell their tickets then ...
Any other ideas? Guess not. I know there are so many fans out there who have exactly the same problem (x___X)

Funny and random facts - corner:
The other day I watched an episode of JOKER (my favorite drama this season btw. - wanna post more about dramas soon, hope I'll find some time!!) and it took me about 10 minutes to notice that I didn't have subtitles turned on yet XDDD

Well, that's all for today.
I'm going to fill out my JLPT application now and then I wanna get some more studying done before going to bed!
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07 May 2010 @ 03:10 am
[Japanese]: No JLPT test for stupid GiRlZ! (-_-')  
. . . . . . . . . . . . .

I'm such an IDIOT!!!!!

I MISSED the application deadline for the JLPT 2010 this summer in Japan!!!! I was SURE it's in May, but today I checked and saw it was April, 30th!!!!!!!!!!

I suck! I fail! AAAHHH!!!!
What did I study for until now??? (Yah, lately I didn't study much, but these last few days I was finally able to get back to my studies and I was positive that I could pass N2 this summer, now I have to wait until winter when I wanted to try N1 originally ......)

Can you tell me how someone can be so stupid??? (-______-''')

Okay, free hugs hits and kicks today!!! As hard as possible please! (-___-'')
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27 November 2009 @ 12:18 pm
[Japan]: Winter vacation plans  

Just had 2 days off which is why I'm quite relaxed today. But knowing that this was the last time this year (!) due to the accident of my coworker is kind of sad (;o;) .....
From now on until the end of the year will be super busy, the busiest time of the year *sigh*
I won't even have 2 days off in a row anymore, not possible! (-__-'') .... on the other hand this year is almost over, so ガンバリマス!Fight!!(o^-^)尸~''☆ミ☆ミ

Photo from yesterday morning.

I used my days off to FINALLY!!!!111111!!!! plan my long awaited winter vacation!!!
My last vacation IN Japan was in spring! In summer I went to Germany as you all know.
I still need to work out the details but it looks like I'll be going to Beppu, then Fukuoka to spend New Year's Eve with one of my coworkers (+ her family) and then I'm off to Kobe / Nara (*___*)v
If I have enough time and the weather is not too bad/cold I also plan to do 1 or 2 day trips to Hikone, Nagahama and Iga Ueno in order to visit as many castles as possible! (*__*)v

If anybody has recommendations for hotels/ryokans in Beppu, then I'd really appreciate it!! I couldn't find anything good yet. I'll only be there for 1,5 days and 2 nights anyway.

Random, funny facts XD )

Jesus, soon it's Christmas time and this year will be over!
I can't believe that I'll have my 2nd Japan anniversary soon as well.
Time flies! It has been flying since years now, but lately it's getting REALLY scary!!! I guess it's faster the older you get, but it's scary and I don't really like it.

I feel I never have enough time for things and stuff anyway :( And now another year will be over soon (;o;)
Anyway, gotta prepare a Christmas package for my family and letters for my friends as I haven't sent anything last year to my friends (because I thought I would be back home by now XD)

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And that's it! Wow, quite a short entry today.
Thanks for reading (^-^)/

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15 November 2009 @ 03:42 pm
[Japan]: Swine flu, food and handwriting  

Oh, you can't remember who I am? And yes, I'm still alive (-___-'')
For some reason my day doesn't seem to have 24hrs. I never have enough time for ANYTHING!!!
Actually it's almost midnight and I should go to bed soon, but I HAVE TO WRITE an entry NOW otherwise I'll never write it .... I guess (^-^)>

The latest "news":

Germany's most famous goalkeeper commits suicide:
He suffered from depressions and stuff and now everybody in Germany seems to talk about this mental disease.

20th anniversary: East and West Germany and the fall of the wall XD
Even here in Japan it was all over on TV! It was kind of funny when I sat in the waiting room of my hospital and suddenly saw Angela Merkel speaking GERMAN on Japanese TV! XDDDD

Japan is a scary place:
The young man who obviously killed the young British English teacher 2 (?) years ago has finally been caught. Scary what he did to her. Scary that the police couldn't catch him until NOW!
When I was out shopping the other day I saw a really cute kid with a teddybear cap and while smiling I stared at him and his mother(?) from behind. Suddenly the mother started kicking the kid and screamed at him. I'm not sure what the kid did, but WTF there's no reason to KICK a kid or be violent to a kid, right?
A few minutes later I was in a bookstore browsing through some magazines when I noticed a really strange smell. An old woman, obviously completely drunk was browsing through magazines as well.
And here Japanese people think their country is so much better and safer than other places. I doubt it, really.

Swine flu spreading like WOAH here in Japan especially among young kids / teenagers:
Probably still the biggest topic - not only here in Japan.
And it's really extreme. The last two weeks we've had almost NO students at all! I had quite a few classes with only ONE student ... or two. That was last week's average (-_-')
Either they're sick, someone in their family is or their class OR school is closed due to the flu which means they're also not allowed to come to our school then. Scary!!!
Very empty classrooms, at times more teachers than students in a class and the students who come wear masks and cough, sneeze etc.

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My typical rice (mixed with raw egg (*_*) .. well, actually not raw, but onsen tamago) and "tofu burgers". Unfortunately not selfmade, but they sold them at my local supermarket and they were fresh and still warm and tasted AWESOME!!
I hope they'll sell it again soon, because I'm sure I'm tooooooo stupid to make them by myself (never have cooked anything with tofu although I LOVE tofu ....)
Btw. anybody knows any EASY and yummie tofu recipes??? (*_*)> .....

Read more... )


Lately I haven't really made any progress that would be worth mentioning here. As always I could write a long rant about many things regarding my studies and about how I never have enough time and stuff, but .... let's skip that for today.
I was ranting a lot about my HORRIBLE handwriting skills over at Twitter and people asked me to show some photos and stuff.
I really don't wanna do it because it's soooooooooooo~ embarrassing!!! (/・ω・\) ハズカシイ

見ないで!!!! )

Teddybear day ❤

Read more... )

Oh, well .... to be fair, you guys should get a chance to get fat as well, so here you are: + + +
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25 October 2009 @ 09:59 am
[Japan]: Studying Japanese is sucking your ..??!!Σ('◇'*)  
Wow .......... it really has been quite a while, huh?

Sorry about that, but like I said I was very busy and then I didn't really feel like writing anything. I still don't really feel like typing right now, .... for no special reason!!
Anyway I'll try (^-^)>

Quite a lot of pleasant and not so pleasant things happened at work. There will be some huge changes it seems.
I don't wanna talk about that today, though, and will write about it some other time instead :)

Last week we had the "tea party" I was talking about in one of my previous entries.
In short: 1 "native" English teacher + 1 Japanese teacher + #xxx mothers of students + a lot of cake, tea, cookies etc.
It was the first time we did that. It was in the morning before working time (~ 2pm), so it was a little bit tiresome to work from 11am-10pm 2 days in a row. I was the only one who (had to) join(ed) both days!!!
On the other hand it was a really nice experience. It was free for the mothers. They were invited to come and talk to us teachers and ask any questions they might have or even just have a random conversation with us. We didn't know how that would end, but in the end it was really nice ^-^

rant ..... meeeh~ )

In other news I have to start planning my long awaited winter vacation !!!! Yay!!! (^______^)v
I haven't been travelling in Japan since APRIL!!! (O_________O)> ..... It's about time, huh????
As much as I'd love to go to Tokyo again, this time I wanna spent my winter at a warmer place! I yet need to decide where to go, though.
One of my coworkers is sooooo sweet!! When she heard that I'm gonna spent "omisoka" (31st) and "shougatsu") (1st) alone she invited me to join her and her family!! I'm very tempted to accept her kind offer :)
Although that means I'll lose a few days of my winter vacation which is probably from December 29th to January 6th, I think it might be nice and interesting ^-^
Her family lives in Fukuoka, so wherever I go it'll be from Fukuoka to ...?
Actually I only have 2 things on my list right now: Okinawa and Kyuushuu!
I've already been to a few cities in Kyuushuu, though: Kokura, Kagoshima, Nagasaki and Kumamoto.
Anything you could recommend that might also be INTERESTING IN WINTER??????? And for only 5-6 days????? Is it stupid to go to Okinawa in winter??? AAAHHHH!!! *headdesk*

And because I haven't done it in a while some snack photos ^-^

ヾ(@⌒¬⌒@)ノ ウマヒィ  )

Today's outfit. It actually helped as it didn't rain today XD .... if I knew that I could have done my laundry ( ´_ゝ`) .......
That umbrella was quite expensive (x_X) ....

Okay, that's all folks!
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27 September 2009 @ 04:41 pm
[Japanese]: JLPT Level 2 mock test  
Hello again,

for some reason I really felt the urge to do another JLPT mock test, this time for 2級 (second highest level).
I'm pretty sure almost everybody is familiar with the JLPT, but just in case: here's more info and here's the official site.

Read more... )

Last year I tried a mock test for level 3, passing with almost 90% - showing that the level was already "too" easy for me.
I never thought I would be able to "pass" level 2 not even a year later (actually I took last year's test on the same day as the real test took place XDDD .... (((((¬_¬) )

My results this time: (using the JLPT level 2 of 2006)

Kanji / Vocabulary: 91%
Listening: 78%
Grammar/Reading: 58%
Total: 76,25% (60% needed to pass)

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Oh, last but not least. I changed a tiny little thing in my layout today.
<~~~~ You might already have seen it. There's a poupéegirl greeting you now. The cool thing about it is, it changes clothes / appearance every time I change it on the real website as well (*___*)

You know .....

... the zoom function is evil (¬_¬)
(and I would never wear such strong make-up but for the poupeegirl it's fun XDDD and okay! XD)

(<~ Can somebody please hit me and tell me to fuck off, stop playing with little childish girlie sparkling things and go back to my Japanese studies instead???!!!)

Uh, ... but it's almost midnight, so I'm gonna watch the latest episode of Orthros no Inu and then go reading a Japanese novel in my bed.

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25 September 2009 @ 01:45 pm
[Recommendation]: Poupéegirl and Japanese studies related  

This week was luckily a week with only 4 working days for me, meaning that I had days off yesterday and today (which is actually quite funny, because this week was "Silver Week", so most people had their days off from Saturday to Wednesday while my days off were Thursday and Friday).
Anyway .... as I don't know what to write about at all this time, I decided to post a rather random entry with recommendations .... I'm not even sure if it's something I recommend, though.
Maybe I should just say I'm introducing stuff to you and you can decide what to do with it or think about it, deal? XD [/baka]

First I want to introduce "Poupéegirl (プーぺガール)":

Introduction to the Poupéeworld (I wonder what would happen if there was something like that for Pinky Street OMG!!!) (;^ω^) )
If you decide to join now, please let me know before you do so, because if you do it via me I'll get a little something for each user XDDDD Not that I care much, though ;P

Other than that I spent my 2 days off (yesterday and today) with mainly studying Japanese (as always).
I rarely write about how I study here, because I think it's not really interesting at all.
I'm gonna share a little bit of what I'm currently doing today, though. I hope it's not too boring :)

I've already studied so much and used many different methods, focussing on different aspects of the Japanese language, so I'm not gonna list up all that, but focus on what I'm currently doing.

What I've always been doing is "sentences". Some of you might have heard of that method. Again, I don't wanna go into details.
In short: It's a method where you read sentences in Japanese and that way you'll finally be able to read and understand real Japanese. Before I started doing sentences I learned all Jouyou kanji, though (= writing + on-yomi). With the sentences I learned compounds, vocab and kun-yomi in context. You can find sentences EVERYWHERE! You can use textbooks, dramas, video games, Japanese novels etc. Just make sure it's natural (aka real) Japanese written/said/made by Japanese native speakers.

Lately I've been switching to a "Japanese only" mode which means I don't use any English/German/language1 translation anymore for the sentences.
I just pick up the words I want to learn and look their definition up in J-J dictionaries:

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I cooked again tonight. Most of it were leftovers from the last time I cooked.
I think it was too much! First of all the roasted potatoes + bacon + onions would have been enough, I guess, but I wanted to have fresh vegetables in there as well.
I love carrots and broccoli :3 .... I think I should have cooked both of them longer, they were still so hard, but I was impatient and hungry and so .... ε=(。・д・。)フー
It was good and tasty nevertheless. Not as good as last time's dinner, though.
I suck at cooking. I really do! So I shouldn't cook without a recipe when I can't even cook properly with one (^^')> ...... oh well~

If anybody knows a site in English (or German) with easy and healthy cooking recipes, please share them with us here! (*__*)v
Everything including broccoli, carrots, potatoes and vegetables in general is appreciated (*_*)
[ profile] nighstar, [ profile] maikeru_desu and a little bit [ profile] amvn as well: You can all feel guilty as it's because of you guys that I feel like cooking lately (and I don't have time, Jesus!!) So please take responsibility and provide me with some good recipes and stuff!! Will ya? (*・人・*) オ・ネ・ガ・イ♪

What??? Alien invasion? AGAIN???!!!! (゜ロ゜;)エェッ!? )

GAH!!! Busy, busy!!!~
See you again desuぅぅ~ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ
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20 June 2009 @ 09:35 am
[Japan / Random]: Weekend, Solar Eclipse, European Jasmine Tea~  
YAY (○゜ε^○)v ♪
It's finally weekend!! (*_*)
I still have to get used to working 5 consecutive (!) days now XD
The heat here in Japan is slowly getting too much let alone the humidity.
That just shows that you can't get used to it easily. For a few days now I've had a slight headache and today I'm feeling very dizzy as well.
The heat is really getting to me this time and I have no clue why. Although I shouldn't do it, I'm using the aircon almost non-stop. It's still over 30°C in my room the whole time *melting* (;´д`)ゞ アチィー!!
If you have any good tips as for how to fight this heat, please feel free to tell me XDDDD (I wonder how I survived last year's summer, though.)
I definitely have to drink more and I need a good MINERAL water. Any recommendations for Japanese mineral water????!!!!

I wanna introduce: My newest best friends! XD )

Yay, it's slowly getting better (;^ω^)

Currently reading various things. Toma's as hot as ever. There hasn't been any Toma fangirling in a long time coming from me, huh?
I wonder why?! I'm still all over him, I swear! ヽ(´▽`)/
Furthermore I'm completely into jdramas again. The whole time I wasn't watching more than 1 or 2 dramas at a time, but now it's like WOAH!!!!
Majo Saiban, Smile, Atashinchi no Danshi, Mr. Brain, Slow Dance (older jdrama ~ 2005) and soon starting Boss as well as I've read in a Japanese magazine that it has been voted as the best drama this season, so it must be good.

I'm obsessed and I know it XD )

Uhm, I guess that's about it for now.
Trying to post a little bit more this weekend, so stay tuned XD

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14 June 2009 @ 08:32 am
[Scans]: Under the Moon // Dragonball Doujinshi + random blabbering~  
Hey~ho (´∀`*)ノ♪

Let's start with some random blabbering first.
I finally managed to book a flight (drama, baby, drama!!!). I hate credit cards and online travel agencies and and and (ノ◇≦。).
Anyway, I have my plane ticket, so I'll be able to visit Germany for almost 2 weeks in August :) (As it's already SUPER HOT here in Japan, I can't wait to escape the August heat ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ).
The ticket was still quite expensive, but not as expensive as I first thought it would be. It still hurts when you see flights from GERMANY to JAPAN for ~400€ when you have to pay almost thrice as much (x_X)/

On another note, I updated / modified my profiles for my 2 journals:

[ profile] chochajin's new profile (not changed too much, though):

And here's densha_onna's new profile )

Nostalgic: Dragonball doujinshi scans or ... Yahoo acution IS EVIL!! )

Apart from DB doujinshi I also finally got the "Under the Moon" artbook (*___*)
As it's out of print you can't buy it at normal shops anymore and of course you have to pay like twice as much as the original price to get your hands on it, but I sooooo~ wanted to have it.
It's the game that was released before "Ijiwaru my Master". I wrote about it in a previous entry.

Here are some scans (*____*)
WARNING: Some of the following scans are NOT WORK-SAFE AT ALL!

Some huge scans ahead, not dial-up friendly x_X )

Okay, still quite a lot of things to do, so バイ(* ̄◇ ̄*)ラ(* ̄・ ̄*)ブ(* ̄〓 ̄*)チュッ♪

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05 June 2009 @ 07:57 am
(*゜ο゜)ゞ おっす!

まぁ、二週間だけだが、楽しみにしています。♪ 家族にも友達にも合えるよねぇ♪
それにドイツ料理をまた食べたいんです。「ところで、ドイツ料理じゃなくて独食も言いえますか。なんか毒食みたいねεε= κ( ` ▽´)κケケケ・・・・・(* ̄- ̄)」






チャ(*゜ο゜)ゞ おっす!

「P.S. ピンクの文は私が調べなければならない単語でした。本当にまだ下手っすよね。」

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16 May 2009 @ 05:21 pm
[Japanese]: Study progress, manga love and jfood (*-*)V  
(=゜▽゜)/ ウィッス!! ♪

UWOAh~ it has been an interesting week (though nothing much happened).
WARNING: extremely RANDOM entry ahead~

The last 2 weeks were the first weeks where my new "schedule" began which meant for me THREE AWESOME DAYS OFF peer week.
Last week was not so special because due to Golden Week somehow everybody had a few days off here and there, but THIS week was quite awesome.
Having one more day off per week definitely makes a HUGE difference ^-^

I used that time to study Japanese and finally completed one HUGE stage:

\((( ̄( ̄( ̄▽ ̄) ̄) ̄)))/ヤッター!!ねぇぇ~♪

Well, this only contains:
  • the meaning of the kanji in my language (not in Japanese)

  • how to write the kanji from scratch (correct stroke order and everything although my kanji always turn out to be especially ugly ;o; ..)

  • the common on-yomi of all the kanji that HAVE on-yomi

  • 2000+ kanji (I wonder what the one JLPT kanji is that's missing XDDDD gotta figure that out, I guess XDDD GAH ONE STUPID KANJI WHERE ARE YOU??!! XD) *lol*

Next step's kun-yomi which should be easier. I want to focus on kanji and vocab for a while longer although I REALLY should get into grammar soon as I still suck the most there ``r(^^;)ポリポリ

Anyway, I wanna use this opportunity to share my (so far) favorite kanji with you (*'ー'*)ふふっ♪

  • butterfly

  • it's a very logical and beautiful kanji (an instect that spend one generation on a tree)

  • well, butterfly itself is actually: 蝶々(chouchou), but I'm doing SINGLE kanji here and not kanji compounds ;)

More kanji and the story behind it: Sex talk at WORK???!!! o___O; .... )

I love 桜餅 (sakura mochi)!!! (*_*)

Manga Recommendation: そんな声だしちゃイヤ!Voice of Love )

Alright, this entry took me longer that I intended.

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29 April 2009 @ 02:05 pm
[Japan]: Dragonball Kai, Evolution, rainbows and other stuff  
Hey again,

I still haven't had time to format my laptop, so ...... uhm, yes.
Still quite busy, but it's slowly getting better :)

The next photo post will come soon, I promise. Today will be another random entry. Sorry 'bout that

Today is a national holiday in Japan. I had to work, though (as always). Next week is finally Golden Week, but I'm one of the few people in Japan (?! XD) that has to work nevertheless. I think it's not too bad, though. I had my spring vacation. I prefer travelling when I have more than a few days off and travelling during Golden Week might be horrible, so it's okay. I probably don't have to work 8 hours during Golden Week either :)
Looking for a new teacher is still going on, although it's fun, it's difficult as hell. We'll see what happens in the end.

That photo was taken a few days ago. My first time seeing a rainbow here in Japan. I was close to believe they wouldn't exist here XD
At home I saw them quite often :)

Teaching today was fun for the most part. Horrible Japanese parents and sexual harassment? )

That's that. On a more random note: I finally watched DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION a few weeks ago. Read more... )

On a happier note: Dragonball Kai is out!

WOAH!!! WHAT? A NEW DRAGONBALL SERIES??? Yay!!! .... Read more... )

And these are caps from the new ending.

things to do or .. rather to buy?! x_X )

Nice :)
Although that's only for being able to write those kanji, knowing their meaning and the on-yomi (that list doesn't contain any kun-yomi yet) x___X *headdesk*
*still unsure if she should take 2kyuu in December or not*

Alright, enough randomness for today.

Bye~buu (^-^)/
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08 March 2009 @ 01:09 pm
[Japan]: Sick me wants a cat in Shikoku or Okayama?! XD  

I love random subjects XD

First of all I'm sick again. I REALLY don't know how many colds I've already had this winter. From October to March I have been sick every single month and sometimes for more than 3 weeks.
My immune system is not weak or anything and back home I had one cold a year or less.
So why am I sick so often you ask? I'm not sure, but I think there are 2 good reasons:

  1. I'm in a different country with different types of germs and viruses.

  2. I work with very young kids every day. (They stick their fingers in every possible orifice of their bodies, so of course germs spread easily x_X)

Up till now I haven't found a method to prevent me from getting sick so often. My coworkers get sick quite often, too, but not as often as me. Well, almost all of them are either Japanese or have been living here for some years now, so their bodies are used to the viruses, I guess.
I probably have to go to a doctor tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It's still very chaotic at work as the new school term just started and right now I feel like crap. Furthermore I need to be fit again in a few days for the wedding, Tokyo etc.

Actually I wanted to go shopping today. FINALLY no rain and it was quite warm, BUT I didn't feel fit enough ;____;
I still need to buy a dress for the wedding! Only a few more days left and I checked the weather for this week!! Lots of rain again ;o; NOOOOO!!! *headdesk*

Side note:
A lot of people still keep asking me what I'm actually doing here in Japan. I REALLY thought it's more than obvious. I write about it a lot and I don't make a secret out of it.
So here ya go once again: I'm an English teacher here in Japan . I work for an institution called "eikaiwa" (wich just means "English conversation" if you translate it). Those schools are like "juku" / cram schools, but only for English.
Students are of all ages (from 2 years old up to over 60 years!). They come there after kindergarten, school, work in order to learn or improve their English. There are various types of classes (normal classes, conversation classes, test prep classes, uni prep classes, TOEFL prep courses etc.).
I hope that answers your questions. If not feel free to ask me :)

some random facts )

As I couldn't leave the apartment today, I decided to plan my spring vacation a little bit.
At first I wanted to go to Beppu, but it seems that I can't really combine Beppu with anything else that would be close (and where I WOULD WANT to go to ^^; ......).
So right now I decided to first go to Okayama for 2 days and from there to Shikoku. First Kochi and then Matsuyama.
I also wanted to go to Matsue, but it's not really on the way and for only 7 days I won't have enough time.
I also was thinking about Nara, but I always can visit Nara and everything that's down there, once I started the Japanese language school which will be either in Kansai, Tokyo or Nagoya. So everything that's "down there" I should avoid to visit now and concentrate on places that are CLOSE to where I live now.
I REALLY would love to go to Naruto, too, but I think that's a little bit too much? What do you think? Or should I skip Okayama? It's on the way, so I thought it would be nice, to take a break there?! .. Hmm ....

Read more... )

I love Japan and I love cats! Why can't I have a cat IN Japan ;o; .... )

Random fandom apartment shots?! [no, no cats ;o; ....] )

God, this entry is so random! Please excuse me.
At least I managed to study Japanese as long as planned today

it's already 9pm and there's still so much to do until I can go to bed. GAH!!!

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07 December 2008 @ 05:11 am
[Japanese]: JLPT mock test and blabbering  
Just a quick "Hi" from me,

I know it's been a while again and actually there're quite a few things I want to post here, but right now I don't have time. I'm sorry.

I just want to share my childish happiness right now XD As everybody knows the JLPT is taking place worldwide today (Sunday, December, 7th). I thought that this is A GREAT OPPORTUNITY to try my first mock test ever.
I decided to go for 3級, although I don't intend to ever take it for real. I want to take 2級 next year (hopefully).

So ... well, it was my first test ever and I didn't prepare for it at all. Here are my results:

Kanji/Vocab: 91/100
Grammar/Reading: 172/200
Listening: 87/100
Percentage: ~88% (60% needed to pass)

Read more... )

Random: What Japanese people think about the real life Dragonball movie (sorry mixi members only). And talking about Dragonball ... I'm pretty sure almost everybody has watched it by now, but there's a new Dragonball special. You can download it here if you're interested. Uhm ... yeah ... I only say Vegeta's little brother ... (x____X) ..... uh, well. Was nice to see/listen to everybody again :)

P.S.: It was snowing yesterday for the first time here in my little city in Japan. It's getting colder and colder.
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13 July 2008 @ 04:09 pm
[Japanese]: Quick question  
Uh, 2 posts in 1 day?
What's wrong with me? XD

I have a question to my Japanese learning f-list:
Does anybody know where I can get a hold of the GERMAN (!!!) version of Heisig's "Remembering the Kanji"? I mean here in Japan!?
Or .. even better, if I can find a download link for the whole book somewhere? I only have the sample, not the whole book in German!
(I mean I could order it via and then my family would have to send it to me, but that takes TOO long and is way to expensive ...)

As I'm in Japan it seems that I can only get hold of the English version, but for a book like this I think the German version would be WAY better!


Good night (^-^)/

EDIT: Problem solved!
I couldn't find it while searching for the title, but looking for the ISBN works wonders. YAY!
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15 December 2007 @ 08:10 pm
電車女はさびしい女だよな! (ノ◇≦。)  

まぁ、実は[ profile] densha_onnaはさびしいよ!~~~~~(ノ≧ρ≦)ノ



ヾ(*'o'*)ヾ(*'▽'*)ヾ(*'ー'*) /~ マタネッ!!ヾ☆Bye-Byeヾ☆


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03 December 2007 @ 05:10 pm
Blabbering: Too many userpics go Midori no L! BLA attack!  

With a generous gift from [ profile] densha_onna *cough cough* I`ve received another 12 months of a paid account + 100 userpics extra XD

And what scares me the most is that I didn´t have the slightest problem to fill all the free usperics slots at once (^^;) .... ahem~
Well, anyway, I´m happy with it

Death not goes Midori no Hibi XD )

The way lazy ME reads her doujinshis XD )

Well, as you can see my main problem is still ... KANJI! (T___T)
And lately I´ve been VERY lazy with my Japanese studies ... basically I haven´t done anything at all.
But now I´ve started to use this program, to at least train my kanji (and vocabulary) knowledge from time to time. (Yes, yes repeating the JLPT4 and 3 stuff XD)
I haven´t used if for a long time, but it´s quite good:

Anki - Japanese learning tool )

That´s all for today! (^^;)
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29 May 2007 @ 02:16 pm
Tiger & Dragon, Byakkotai, Bijii-san XD  
Hey, hey friends ... *sing*
AAAH~ I want that song!! (T-T) .. *note to herself: must request it in a community* XD

First of all: TEH weather!!!! YAHOOOOOOO~ it´s not hot anymore!!!!!! .... There were even parts in Germany where it snowed yesterday!!! XDDDD But not here XDDDD But it´s COLD again! I LOVE IT!!!
I wish that it would be like this for some months now ^-^; ... *coughs*

Okay, so I finally finished Nodame Cantabile.
It was indeed a hilarious, funny and cute series. I enjoyed it very much!!! *nods*
It´s a shame that there weren´t more episodes, I was like: "Whuut? It´s over? WAAIT! NOOOO DDX" XDDD

So .... now I´m already watching a new drama ^-^
Tiger & Dragon !!!~
... yeah, because I wanted to watch a drama with Nagase Tomoya in it again (^^;) ........
There are a LOT ... really a LOOOOT of familiar faces (wait .... somehow I end up saying that about every new drama I watch lately? XDDD) .... half of the Kisarazu Cat´s Eye cast ... and my beloved Itou Misaki ^______________________^b

(* click on the pictures to see a larger version)

Ore no hanashiiii wo kikeeee~ *sing* )

And finally:
I thought this was cute, so I wanted to share it with you! XDDDD Bijii-san no baka! XDDDD

ビジーさんのぼうけん )

Something funny:
I´m currently refreshing my kanji knowledge and learning some new kanji with the book "kana and kanji" (Hadamitzky).
There are all 1945 Jouyou Kanji and some "name Kanji" ... if you learn them in the order of the book the last one will be #2284 .... the funny thing now is:
If I would learn the Kanji in the order of this book #2284 would be the last Kanji I learn ..... but THIS Kanji is actually the FIRST Kanji I EVER "learned"!!! XDDDDD
Dragonball fans, attention please, it´s:

You ALL have seen this Kanji a million times, right? So did I! And of course I did figure out that it has to be "turtle" back then (= over 10 years ago XD) .... and a while after that I knew that turtle = kame .... so ... you could say that this is the first Kanji I got to know ^^;;
Ehehehehe~ .... okay, so .... perhaps I´m the only one to think it´s funny (T-T) ..... (.__.)> ..... XDDDD

P.S.: That Kanji was listed in the "name Kanji" section. It appears in a lot of names. For example: 梨和也 (Kamenashi Kazuya) ;) *squee* XDDDD
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