16 January 2008 @ 12:09 am
[Japan Photos]: Ikebukuro + Sakuragichou  
Eeeeerm .... actually I don´t really have time for this, but ............... my journal is half-dead lately and I just can´t stand NOT posting anything at all for a longer period of time XDDDD

Plus .. I really should post ALL of my Japan photos BEFORE I go to Japan again XDDDDD ... otherwise there will be no end to it ever! XD

Here we go~

Ikebukuro West Gate Park:

Come with me to TEH fandom paradise #2! )

Bukuro at night! )


Sakura...nantoka! XD )

China Town )

Yamashita Park?!? ... wait Yama ... woah! )

I hope you enjoyed it! (^____^)/~
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