25 September 2007 @ 01:20 pm
[Sharing]: Various photos of Johnnys and Non-Johnnys (or: What I´ve bought part 1)  
Hey there

While I´m still waiting for the rest of the Japan photos and can´t make entries about my journey right now, I thought I could begin with the stuff I bought over there XDDDDDD
In this first part (hohoho XDDDD ... T___T ....) I´ll post the photos I´ve bought mostly in Harajuku. Yes PHOTOS, tons of photos! (*____*) .... Mostly of Toma of course, but of other guys as well. A lot of Hana Yori Dango as well btw.

So let´s get this started, nee? (*___*)
Enjoy! (and drool!!! XD)

Click on the pics to see the larger version!!

(*These are the only photos I bought in TEH Johnny´s shop in Harajuku btw.
More about the shop and how to get there etc. will follow in one of my next entries)

Arashi )

Hanakimi )

Hana Yori Dango )

Kamenashi Kazuya )

(*Oh GAWD, he´s so smexy and cute!!!! Yappari watashi no #2 ^-^v)

MatsuJun )

Okada Junichi )

(I think I don´t have to tell you that Toma is my one and only #1 and my fandom and love is growing and growing *__* ...)

Toma love!~ )


Others )
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28 January 2007 @ 04:44 pm
[Review + Conclusion]: 電車男 / Train Man (Movie, 2005)  
Hi everyone,

so I finally watched the Densha Otoko movie.
First of all of what I heard it was like that:
1) the book - 2) then the movie - 3) then the series
And let me say this right now: The series is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better ! Why ? Well, I´ll explain right now :)

First of all the main characters:

So who´s our clumsy otaku here ?

Do you recognize him ? Yes it´s Yamada Takayuki! He´s pretty handsome. You prolly know him from various other dramas like Water Boys, H2 - Kimi to Itahibi, Taiyou no Uta (and have I mentioned that he was in Lunch Queen ?! .. YES everyone is in Lunch Queen ... don´t believe me ? HAH!!! XDDD)
So .... he wasn´t very convincing as Densha Otoko !!!! He´s just too goodlooking and he wasn´t able to be as clumsy as the drama Densha Otoko ! Even his stutter was pretty poor ! I was really disappointed :/

Read more + NO SPOILERS if you know the drama )

So, that´s what the movie was about !!!
It was of course waaay too short, but I´m glad that it was that short, cuz I didn´t like the actors ... well I DO like them .. but not in THESE roles !!! Go drama, go !!!! The drama is way better !!! ^___^

As you might know the story is at least a little bit true .. there was a thread like that where they chatted and stuff, but more about that in my next entry about Densha Otoko (cuz I have some pics and stuff for you and putting them in here would just be too crowded !)

Erm~ yes that´s all for now ^-^
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