23 April 2006 @ 08:09 pm
FMA movie ~ (Conqueror of Shamballa) ~ My conclusion  
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So after I´ve finished watching the series I could not stand it NOT to watch the movie, too. I just was TOO curious :/ ......
Because it´s absolutely worth TALKING about, I thought I should write down my impressions again, so that we can discuss a little bit.
I have a very strong necessity to talk this over~ ... more than after the end of the anime series O__O;;

If you haven´t watched the MOVIE yet, PLEASE don´t read any further unless you WANT to know what´s happening there !!!

Naze ka na ? )

So, all of you who have watched the movie already, TELL me your thoughts and impressions please. I want to discuss this, perhaps it gets me liking the movie more :/ ....
Again I have to apologize for my horrible English x_X

Jaa, nevertheless I sooooooooo need to make a LOT of screenshots and icons *___*

Elric kyoudai forever ♥~ 何時も 二人 で
22 April 2006 @ 06:34 pm
The END of Fullmetal Alchemist ...  
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Yesterday I´ve finally finished FMA.
So, what I want to do now is talk about the series and also about the END !!!~

I liked the series from the very start ^-^ although I started to watch it only recently :/ At first I thought it´s SiFi or has something to do with mechas - and THAT´s so NOT my genre >_>
BUT then I saw so many people going all crazy over it, so I thought why not try ? :)
AND that was absolutely the right choice !!! I´ve really seen a LOT of animes up to now (as you can see here), but THIS was really a good one !!
Ok, ok everyone has different tastes, nee ? But speaking for me, I think this is now really on of my favourite animes ever (and that means something ! ;))

The compostion of seriousness and slapstick is BRILLIANT and the soundtrack is beyond this world ! You have to adore FMA just because of the great opening and ending songs, right ?
Ed´s seiyuu does such a great job ! I LOVE HER voice !!! ~♥ [Romi Paku ~ She´s also the voice of Nana O_O]
And not speaking of Junichi Suwabe the voice of Greedo (I instantly recognized Atobe´s voice ~♥ XDXD a reason to LOVE Greedo, no ?? :P)

There are a LOT of spoilers from here on, so if you´ve NOT finished watching FMA yet or if you DON´T want to know what´s happening next: DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER !!

my thoughts )

Ok, I think that´s all I wanted to say~

If anyone wants to discuss this or tell me his/her thoughts about the end or the whole series, PLEASE go ahead :) I´m really looking forward to hear it ^-^V
and excuse me for my bad English x_x