24 September 2010 @ 10:41 pm
[Japan Travel]: Nagoya Day - 3  
Hello again!

I'm completely immersed in my Japanese studies and ridiculously busy with work as well, so sorry for the lack of entries and comments.
Thanks so much to everyone who took part in the poll. If you haven't yet, please definitely do so!!
I'll write an extra entry about it and the (possible) consequences some other time.

Today I just drop by to FINALLY post another travel entry! Yay!~
Like I wrote in my last travel entry this was actually the day when my brother and me planned to climb Mt. Fuji but due to a typhoon the trip had to be cancelled.
We wanted to go Gifu or Inuyama instead (because that also was on our list and we wouldn't have any other days left to do it if we postponed our Mt. Fuji trip), but then it was raining cats and dogs, so we had to cancel that also :( :( :(

Instead we just walked around in Nagoya, mainly for shopping.
But before that - and after a short night of replanning our Mt. Fuji trip we had to get up so that we could be at the bus center by 6:30am to cancel our tickets before the actual bus leaves.
We were sooo lucky that they accepted our cancelation because of the typhoon and we only had to pay a 200yen (~2$) cancelation fee! :D

Nagoya Day 3 (August 12th, 2010):

Eventless day, here we go!~ )

Finally it stopped raining (but as you can see the weather was still quite horrible ... *sigh*)
We decided to go to the second best castle in Nagoya: Kiyosu Castle (清洲城)!~
It's really only a short ride from the center of Nagoya and it's definitely worth visiting! Highly recommended!!! :3

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I finally bought a yukata! ^^ )

Back at the hotel I called some mountain huts again but they said that the weather was still not good and it was still dangerous because of the typhoon.
So we decided to try our luck and go to Inuyama and Gifu the next day (which we now had to manage in ONE day - almost impossible!!!!!!) and then try Mt. Fuji on our last 2 days. Very risky, but we didn't have any other choice anyways .....

Next up: Gifu and Inuyama (2 awesome cities with 2 awesome castles) - and finally good weather!!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!~

P.S.: Lately I have problems uploading to Youtube (which is why I used Dailymotion in my last post) and now Photobucket is also starting to be bitchy :( No idea what's wrong. I stopped uploading to my LJ scrapbook, because I didn't have a software under Windows 7 (it worked superfast under XP back in the days) ... after wasting lots of time I finally found a solution! [/random]
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10 September 2010 @ 04:37 pm
[Japan Travel]: Nagoya - Day 2  

I'm quite busy lately.  Work is almost killing me and on my days off I study Japanese like crazy (might do an entry about it - if I find some time). I try to keep up with the travel entries, but I can't promise to update every week. We'll see.

Anyways, for now let's continue.
As my brother joined me from the night of the 10th, we were finally together on the 11th. We decided to explore Nagoya together. I spared some good sightseeing spots for when he's with me (like the castle).
The weather was actually quite good compared to most other days during our vacation.
Here we go~
WARNING: This entry contains a shi...load of photos!! I once did a poll, asking whether my f-list prefers long days to be splitted up or not and the majority wanted entries seperated by days even if they get extremely long. Just expect this entry to be twice as long as usually (o_o'') ....

Nagoya Day 2 (August 11th, 2010):

What a looooong day! )

Yes, Hello Kitty stone statues. Hello Kitty rules Japan!! And she wants to rule the whole world! XD

2 castles in one day ^-^ )

Then it was time for some shaved ice (*__*)v (strawberry for my brother and melon for me, of course WITH milk! :D)

Awesome taiko performance (videos!!) )

And then it was time to leave.
It was an awesome, long and eventful day. Plus, we also were lucky with the weather.
At that point we didn't know yet what would await us back at our hotel .....

We went back early enough because we knew we would have to get up early the next day!
Why? Because that's the day when we planned to climb Mt. Fuji! The day I've been preparing for so long! The day I've been reserving the mountain hut and expensive bus tickets for.
Back in the hotel, I was really extremely tired. All that was left, was taking a shower and packing stuff for tomorrow. I kicked my brother out of the room and was already on my way to take a shower when I saw that somebody had called my cellphone.
It was the mountain hut. I immediately called them back. I already had a bad feeling about this.
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That's all for today.
Sorry it got so long.
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26 August 2010 @ 08:46 pm
[Japan Travel]: Nagoya - Day 1  
Hello again!

First of all thank you very much for your nice and cute comments to my last entry.  I was really happy to read them all
I finished sorting out my photos, so I can finally start my summer vacation travel entries. This time it was not so much work compared to spring. In spring I used both cameras, my old digital camera and my brandnew DSLR camera. I came back with over 5000 photos, that was just crazy. 
This time I mainly used my DSLR, so no doubles, sorting out went much smoother.
Some of you might have noticed, there's a small change in this travel entry. So far I've been uploading all my travel photos to my Livejournal Scrapbook, but I decided to create a new photobucket account and try to upload them there instead.
There are many reasons. I still don't have a permanent LJ account, so the travel photos might vanish once I decide to not continue with my paid account. It's a hassle to upload to Scrapbook with Windows 7!
Usually I'm a fan of photobucket, just the bandwidth limit scares me. I've had problems with it in the past (too many people reading my entries / looking at my photos). 
The good thing about photobucket is that it's easy and comfortable to upload tons of photos at the same time.
If any of you know a better alternative that is free, has at least 1GB of storage, easy multiple file upload option and unlimited or huge bandwidth limit, then please let me know I really appreciate it.

Anyway, back to the actual entry.
My last day of work was Saturday, so I took off quite early on Sunday morning. I went straight to Nagoya where I intended to stay the whole week with day trips and - of course - the trip to Mt. Fuji.

Nagoya Day 1 (August 8th, 2010):

Let the journey begin!~ )

In the middle of the shopping arcade there was this huge Maneki Neko. Pretty awesome! XD

Some more weird encounters! )

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And that was my first day of summer vacation.
Cloudy, rainy and not really eventful, but still nice! Especially the aquarium visit was nice and relaxing.

The next day I had to get up early, because it was time for my first day trip. My destination for day 2: Ise (where a rainstorm surprised me in the end and I got completely soaked down to my shoes/socks and underwear ...)
Hope you're looking forward to the next entry.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading.
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