13 May 2011 @ 09:59 pm
[Japan Travel]: Marugame  
Hello everybody!

I hope you're all doing fine. As mentioned before I'm trying to cut down my online time which is ONE reason why I haven't posted often lately.
I'm changing some things in my life, but it takes time and keeps me busy (and thus away from the internet and esp. LJ). I'll post more about it some other time. A lot of stuff and thinking needs to be done.
Don't worry, once I've figured some of these things out, I'll try to post more regularly again. Hope you understand.

Although my spring vacation was just a bit more than 1 month ago, I barely can remember it now. I hope I can do a proper report nevertheless looking and my crappy notes that I took back then.
Hopefully the photos also will help my memory.

This time I didn't travel any huge distance at all and mainly stayed in the Chugoku area (the most famous prefecture there is probably Hiroshima, but I didn't visit there - this time). However, I started in Shikoku, one of the 4 main islands of Japan.
I've been to every prefecture there, apart from one: Kagawa! And so, I decided to visit it this time for good.
I started in Marugame (mainly because of the caslte, of course). It's supposed to be surrounded by lots of cherry blossoms trees which look awesome in spring (read: early April) - but this year ... everything is/was different!

Enough of my talking, here we go!~

Marugame (March 31st 2011):

Marugame Castle )

Nakazu-Bansho-En (Japanese Garden) )

Couldn't stop taking photos of that red bridge ;)

Read more... )

Leaving Marugame to go to my second big destination of the day: Kotohira!
Quite hungry at that point, but eating had to wait!

Part 2 of my first day will come up soon in a separate entry. It's just too many photos to squeeze them all into one entry, I guess.

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Thanks for reading and staying with me although I don't post so often lately.
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