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Semi - Friends Only  

Banner was made by me ([ profile] chochajin).
The picture shows two of my Pinky St. Dolls

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Also find me here:

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16 April 2017 @ 05:36 pm
15 Years LJ (13 of which I've been here as well) O_O; ....  

Wow, ... this is insane!
I've been on LJ for almost 13 years? Are you kidding me?

Now, I really feel old.

Anyways, Happy Birthday LJ! You're finally an adult now! (in most countries anyway )

P.S.: Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm still alive. It's just ... I want to get through a few things before I actually write about them. ^___^; ....
Hope you're all doing well! And while I'm at it: HAPPY EASTER!
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10 February 2017 @ 08:16 pm
[JDrama]: Chihayafuru Live Action Part I + II  

So, I got around to watch the “Chihayafuru” live action.

There are two movies:
"Kami no ku" (上の句, upper phrase) and "Shimo no ku" (下の句, lower phrase) (*of course referring to the karuta poems)

As you know, I loved the anime and also the manga.
But like previously mentioned it’s a series where “sound” is very important, so I prefer the animated version.
I love the poems / songs so much. ^_^

Naniwa-zu ni - Sakuya kono haana - Fuyu-gomori - Ima o haru-be to - Sakuya kono hana... )

If you've already watched the movies, let me know what you think about them!
Looking forward to reading your comments.

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08 February 2017 @ 10:35 pm
[Anime]: Recommendation - Tokyo Magnitude 8.0  

If not for [ profile] asahifirsa, I would have never ever come across this anime.
She recommended it to me and I’m thankful for that, so now it’s my turn to spread the word.

The title is already pretty self-explanatory.
In “Tokyo Magnitude 8.0” a very strong earthquake hits Japan’s capital.

What immediately caught my attention was that the anime was released two years BEFORE the actual big quake hit Japan in 2011!
This is quite scary and I thought it might be interesting to see how they imagined it to be vs. the real thing ……

This is a series where you want to stay away from spoilers!
So, I try to keep this short.
There will be spoilers towards the end of this entry, but I’ll mark them accordingly, so you don’t have to be afraid to be spoiled at all.

Read more... )

That’s it.
Just wanted to spread the word as I’m glad I was introduced to this.

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03 January 2017 @ 09:48 pm
[Anime Review]: Watashi ga motete dousunda  

Okay, this is going to be a "quickie".
I promised that I try to update more regularly about anime I've watched. But often I end up not doing it, only posting a way too large list entry in the end.
And about some of my absolute favorite series I still haven't written at all. This sucks. XD

Kiss HIM, not ME!!!! )

And the guys she was shipping are now interested in HER!
What a horrible thing to happen! Fujoshi Hell! XD ....

Now, all those guys want to hang out with her ... and she tries her best to stay in "otome" mode and act like a normal girl .... but her otaku side is just so much stronger! XD ....

If you want to watch a short, entertaining parody, this is for you! ^^ )

So, how did you like the series?
Was it entertaining?
Who would you have chosen in the end? Or are you a fujoshi through and through?
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27 December 2016 @ 09:06 pm
[Conclusion]: Yuri on Ice S1 (TV 1-12)  
Ok, so you probably saw this coming anyway .... there is just NO WAY I can NOT write about this.
But what I'm about to write is probably NOT what you expect!

Needless to say that there are SPOILERS as this is a conclusion, so if you haven't watched the series yet, be careful.
That being said, it's not a series where spoilers matter that much to be honest ...... if you know the end of the series, it won't ruin the series for you - IN MY OPINION anyways....

So, I actually had Yuri on Ice on my "plan to watch" list right when the trailer came out. That was a LONG time ago.
As sport anime is my favorite genre, I take note of every new sport anime out there.
Right when I saw the trailer I new that I would like the series and was looking forward to it.

My first reaction after watching the trailer was: OMG! Soundtrack! OMG! Beautiful! OMG! CV: Jun-sama!!!! XD ....

As there were only 12 episodes I decided to watch it once it's completed.
You see, I'm very impatient and hate to wait for the next episode to come out.

But as SOON as the series started airing social media went crazy!
Read more... )

Considering all of the above, I guess it's a pretty amazing series after all.
I'm still amazed that so many people are THAT hyped up because of it, though. ;P ......

So, what are your thoughts?
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19 December 2016 @ 08:11 pm
[Photos]: My Tiny Apartment Tour  
Hey there!~

As promised here are finally a few photos of my tiny apartment.
I moved there in August. It's only 1 room, a total space of 35qm for 620 € per month (utilities included). Yeah, that's insane..
It's in the basement, so there's not much light.
So, I'm sorry if the photos are kind of crappy.

Welcome to my tiny apartment and cat paradise ...  )

On the left you can see my cup collection (at least a part of it, e.g. my beloved sakura Starbucks cup is still back home ...).
Some of them are still from my time in Japan. ^_^

On the right you can see my printer (although it's the kitchen area).
Below the printer are some doujinshi I finished reading that I still need to scan / take photos of. ^^;

And as I still love Jamie's ([ profile] hinoai) drawing so much, I put it up again.
As well as this cute cat scroll I once purchased in Kyoto.
I had both of them up in my Japanese apartment as well.

There's still more! )

On the left photo you can see a cat wallscroll that I also used to have up in my previous Japanese apartment.
Unfortunately the ugly orange curtains (that already were in the apartment) don't match with my personal style and color theme, but ... that's alright. ;)

On the right photo you can see my "cat family" that I brought back from Japan this and also last year.
And it seems to be constantly growing! ^^;;;

Ok, last round! ^^ )

And that's it.
I hope you enjoyed the tour through my tiny apartment.

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30 November 2016 @ 10:49 pm
[SALE]: Current Sale Entries  

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20 November 2016 @ 07:24 pm
[Japan]: Food, souvenirs, facial masks, doujinshi and manga~  
Hullo again.

As promised here's the continuation of my last entry featuring some of the delicious food I got to eat and the stuff I bought this time.

Why so delicious?

Warning: food porn ahead! XD )

And don't even ask how many times I went to Starbucks!
They currently have a huge tea variation. That was new to me.
I fell in love with the yuzu tea. Had it many times.

The photo above was taken at one of the Starbucks in Harajuku (the one opposite of Laforet).
I like it because of the terrace on the roof which offers a great view of Harajuku's Omotesando. ^^

Yeah, sorry. I didn't take photos of EVERYTHING I ate.
I'm just too used to it, I guess, so most of the things are nothing special anymore, but I'm SO HAPPY that I got to eat the most delicious food in the world again.
Even just the breakfast with raw egg and natto in my hotel made me smile every morning. Had missed this shit so much! ;)

Shopping in Tokyo:

... is dangerous for your wallet! )

The reason why I had to drag 60 kg back home .... )

I really didn't like the series "No game, no life", but this figure is what actually made me wanna watch the anime.
I still love the figure, but I REALLY thought the anime was sooooooooo booooooring. T_T .....

Oh, and I was so happy when I saw this "Nagi no Asukara" artbook, but WOAH, look at the price. ;_; ....

I didn't buy either. ;)

Read more... )

Ok, that's all.
Hope you enjoyed this entry.

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19 November 2016 @ 08:17 pm
[Life]: Back from Japan (yet) again!~  
Hey! ^__^

I'm back from Japan.
Not sure if you even knew I'm going, but just like last year I had a business trip to Japan and just stayed a bit longer to have my vacation there afterwards.
This time I stayed there for 24 days, so about 3,5 weeks!

Read more... )

I also got lucky again to see Mt. Fuji while taking the Shinkansen.
As you know, I rarely get lucky with Mt. Fuji. Whenever I travel near Mt. Fuji or to places where you're supposed to see it, I rarely do. I think my success rate with Mt. Fuji is like 5% or so. T_T ...
But for some strange reason I almost ALWAYS get to see it from within the Shinkansen at least. XD ....

Yamanashi, Gunma and Nagano Prefectures this time! ^^ )

I simply love Shima Onsen! )

My time was filled with fun stuff because almost EVERYTHING you can do in Japan is enjoyable for me.
I've mentioned it several times, but here in Germany it's just not the same. It's hard to find things that are fun .... and then those are far away or difficult to obtain etc.
Returning from Japan made me think what the heck I'm still doing here in Germany.

Give me some time to get over my jet lag and think about things, ok?
But some of my friends in Japan already are convinced that I'm coming back soon. XD ....
We'll see.

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08 October 2016 @ 05:25 pm
[Anime Review]: Akatsuki no Yona  
Hi everyone,

Who would have thought that I’d write another anime review that quickly?
But when I watch a good series that I really enjoyed I usually can’t help it (although I admit that I haven’t written about the series (anime and manga) I enjoyed the most in the past few years at all …. Guess lack of time is to blame.)

Anyway, today I want to introduce you to “Akatsuki no Yona” (暁のヨナ, which literally means “Yona of the Dawn”).
Just take “Arslan Senki” and mix it together with “Fushigi Yuugi” and that’s what you get!
Ok, to be more precise it’s a lot like “Arslan Senki” with a lot of sprinkles of “Fushigi Yuugi” and a little bit of sprinkles of “Akagami no Shirayukihime”.

So, if you like ANY of the above mentioned series, I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy “Akatsuki no Yona” as well.

However, let me warn you: There’s only one season thus far (aired in 2014/2015) and it’s merely the beginning of what could turn out to be a rather epic series.
That means you’ll end up with a cliffhanger and have to wait.
There's an OVA (3 episodes, the last one should be airing in Dec 2016), but it won't get you far.
There’s also a manga (2009 - ongoing).
I've already seen the drawing style and fell in love. I doubt I can stay away from it for too long, but there also might be a second season of the anime, so maybe I should "gaman" a bit longer.

Feel free to read everything. I kept it more or less spoiler-free. Not that there's anything I could really spoil anyways. ^^;

Story and Characters )

The Four Dragons:

As mentioned before the four dragons appeared in a legend, but they actually really exist.
Ever since then it seems like in every generation there are 4 humans born with the power of the dragons.

I don't want to tell you much about the dragons. It's probably more fun if you get to know them while watching / reading.
And trust me, there would be a LOT to tell you - and there's even more we don't know yet.
The OVA revealed a bit, especially concerning the background of one of them, but that would be a huge spoiler, so I keep my mouth shut. ;)
Again, here the series shows its true potential. I really can't wait to get to know EVERYTHING.

Let me just tell you that while King Hiryuu represtented the "Red Dragon" (緋龍), his dragon warriors also all represent a color:
White Dragon (Hakuryuu, 白龍), Blue Dragon (Seiryuu, 青龍), Green Dragon (Rokuryuu, 緑龍) and Yellow Dragon (Ouryuu, 黄龍)

Read more... )

In short, if you enjoyed “Arslan Senki”, “Fushigi Yuugi” and / or “Akagami no Shirayukihime”, then you’ll probably like this one as well.
The animation is quite nice, the soundtrack as well.

Let me know what you think and let me know if it’s worth to jump right into the manga or if I should wait a bit longer.

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29 September 2016 @ 10:44 pm
[Anime - Conclusion]: Orange (TV, 1-13)  
Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted about a series I watched although I consumed QUITE a bit since my last entry, to name just a few:
Cheer Danshi, Servamp, Kimi no na wa, ReLife, Ao no Exorcist, Arslan Senki, Nijiiro Days, Kiseijuu, Kimi to Boku, Super Lovers, .... if interested you can see the full list sorted by finish date here.
(Also rewatched Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basket.)

Among them were quite a few interesting and good series worth writing about here, but I just don’t have enough time to. (same old story as always …)
Maybe I’ll get to it some day (but I doubt it) …. At least you can see the rating I gave those series on MAL (but with the rating alone you still wouldn’t know if the series is worth watching, I guess..)

Anyway, I just finished watching “Orange”.
I know a lot of people have been talking about it, but I usually always stay away from “airing” series until they’re almost finished.
I just know that I cannot manage to wait a week for the next episode. *g*

Read more... )

Some say it’s just an overly kitschy romance series, but I would very much argue with that.
For me, this series is not about romance, but about friendship.
And of course, about suicidal behavior / depression.

I like that they actually made this the main topic of this series as this is quite relevant for Japan. The suicide rate is still quite high there, also among school kids.

While I liked the series, there were especially TWO things that made me cringe a lot – which is also why I decided to write about it.
I’m also curious about your opinion on this.
From here onwards you should only continue reading if you don’t mind the spoilers.

Was it really ok like this? )

Ok, that’s enough rambling. ^^; ……

If you have any series you’d like to recommend, please go ahead!

(Too bad that the Orange movie starts airing 2 days after my vacation in Japan …)

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09 April 2016 @ 05:08 pm
[Anime Recommendation]: Nagi no Asukara  

You know that sometimes when I REALLY liked a series, I can't hold back or wait until the next mass entry, I just HAVE to dedicate it its own entry.
It hasn't happened in a while, but this time I simply can't sit still - especially because I THINK this series is not that well-known and I don't want YOU to miss it. ^____^

Trust me, you don't want to miss this series! )

Without becoming too packed, the series addresses so many issues of daily life.
Family, friends, loved ones .... discrimination ....

And the first half takes it time to build up the main characters very well without ever getting boring.

But then something happens ... actually many things happen that you NEVER ever would have expected.
For me .. this was probably one of the most unpredictable series I've seen in a LONG time! And I didn't even know what a gem I had in front of me while watching the first few episodes! XD ....
In fact, I thought I had it all figured out right after a few episodes, but nope ... ^^;

Read more... )

Actually there are quite a few awesome series I watched recently and felt like sharing such as "Boku dage ga inai machi" or "Steins Gate", but this one triggered my motivation the most, so here you go.
If you decide to watch it, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. ^_____^

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19 March 2016 @ 08:52 pm
[Anime / Manga]: Finally an updated watched / read list!!~  
Hey there! ^__^

I've noticed that I have neither updated my anime list nor my manga list ever since 2010. ^^;; ....
I recently stumbled upon "MyAnimeList" and thought it would be a good idea to use that instead to keep track. I got way too lazy to update my lists here on LJ (I also included jdramas and jmovies in that list ... totally lost overview about those by now though....).
Luckily it wasn't that hard to set up my list as I just could us my old LJ lists and then my recent list (I just kept track of the recent ones in a note pad).
I didn't really watch / read much between 2009 and 2014. As most of you know I had kind of lost interest ... or rather I found something much more interesting while I lived in Japan. My entire free time was spent on travelling within Japan (and stalking Ikuta Toma). XD ....

But being back in Germany I couldn't travel that much anymore. Also, because of a certain job offer where I needed to be familiar with some of the newest series, I easily got into it again. ^___^;;; ......

I'm still not very confident that the lists are complete, especially not the manga list, but at least it looks quite okay to me:

I know, I know .... it's quite embarrassing. There aren't that many titles considering that I started watching in the mid-80s, but then again you also have to consider the long break I took in between. ^^;
And it's not like I'm only watching anime / reading manga all the time. It's just ONE thing that interests me.

By the way, if you're on "MyAnimeList", please let me know! ^___^
It's easy to see what you've watched / read and how you rated it. Maybe I can find something I'd like to check out as well.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, Prince of Stride and Tokyo Ghoul:re ... )

Alright. That's all for now. ^___^
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11 February 2016 @ 08:49 pm
[Anime]: "Recently" watched list (it's long ... ^^; ..)  

Okay, I wanted to post the few series I had recently watched for the longest time now, but as most of you know I simply have no time.
And .... that's why this list has become SUPER long by now and by "recently" I mean within the last 12 months. ^^

I apologize about the length of this entry beforehand, but I really don't want to split it up or I'll never ever post about it.
So, please bear with me and all the screencaps. ^^;; ....

I tried to sort them somewhat by genre (not by the order I actually watched them or by popularity).
I also would love to write a lot more than I actually do, but I'm sure you understand that it would be way too much for one entry.
However, feel free to ask if you want to know a bit more about a specific series or share your personal opinion about something you've watched.

Shoujo Series:

Ao Haru Ride

Ao Haru Ride is a really nice shoujo anime. Very cute and I especially liked the main male character Kou (cat lover!!!! aaah!! and that voice!!).
They used to know each other in junior high and seemed to really like each other, but then he moved away.
She's meeting him again in high school without first realizing it's him.

"Now in high school, Futaba is not your typical adolescent girl. Determined to become a class favorite this time, she avoids all unwanted attention and, instead of acting cute and feminine, only stands out through her tomboyish behavior and disheveled look. But still, her world is soon turned upside down when the only boy she ever liked unexpectedly comes into her life once again—except he goes by the name of Kou Mabuchi now, and it is not his name alone that has gone through a change." (read more)


Reversed Harem Series )

Comedy Series )

Other Anime Series )

Have you seen any of the mentioned series?
What are your thoughts??
Any recommendations for me?
Can't wait to chat with you about it! :33333
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20 December 2015 @ 12:40 pm
[Japan]: Food PoRn - haven't done that in a long time! XD  
Hi again!

Just a quick warning, you probably shouldn't have a look at this entry if you're super hungry right now!

Read more... )

But I did not ONLY eat sashimi. I also went for gyoza, ramen, udon, tonkatsu, okonomiyaki and all the other things I had missed so much. ;P

Oh, less photos than I thought.
But I guess I've flooded you with enough photos in the past few entries, so it's all good. ;)

So sad that I don't get to eat any delicious healthy food for a while, but at least I know that I'll get another chance. :333
Hope you enjoyed the photos and are not too hungry now.

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18 December 2015 @ 10:52 pm
[Japan Buys]: Doujinshi, Cat items, Star Wars and more~  
Hey there! ^___^

So as you might know I recently went to Japan and couldn't resist to buy lots of stuff.
I won't only show you what I bought, but other fandom stuff that seems to be "a thing" in Japan at the moment. ;)

I failed big time as I couldn't hold back when I saw the sakura danboard portable battery for tablets / smartphones. I just HAD to get it. (*__*)b
There are so many cute ones, lots of Disney stuff, Star Wars, Hello Kitty etc .... why didn't they have those when I first needed one back in Japan. :( Booh! ;P

More photos ... I HAVE warned you! Don't cry afterwards ... ;P )

I really wasn't sure what to get. I only had two series noted before I entered Mandarake and that was Free and Ace of Diamonds. But what shall I tell you?
As soon as you enter Mandarake the rest just happens from alone, I guess. XD
I checked out most recent series I had watched and as always those were the ones with the most doujinshi. I didn't find ANY Captain Tsubasa doujinshi this time. ZERO! Like ... there was a marker in the shelf, but it was empty. ;_;
Also no interesting Dragonball doujinshi. Not many Bleach ones, either. It's a bit sad to see how older series are slowly dying in the douji world. But it's always been like that.

Not all of the covers are worksafe ... *^^* )

Ok, that's all for now.
Guess that was more than enough anyways.

Oh yeah and keep an eye open because most of the manga and doujinshi will be sold here on LJ again once I've read them. ;P
Though I really don't know when exactly as I don't have so much time to read them right now. I might be able to stock up on even more before finishing the ones I got this time in Japan. ^^;

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22 July 2015 @ 10:55 pm
[Anime]: Hanasakeru Seishonen  
Hey there!~

Ok, I really wanted to write about all the awesome shoujo series I've watched recently, especially "Kimi ni todoke". Remind me to kick myself for thinking FOR YEARS I had already read / watched it ages ago, confusing it with "Bokutachi ga ita" or something ... AAAH! T_T ....
I've already forgotten about some of the series I wanted to write about. In case I won't ever get to it, let me just say "Kimi ni todoke" is AWESOME!!!
(Remind me to also write about Ao Haru Ride, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun, Sukitte ii na yo etc. ... AAAHH!!) ....

Today I want to introduce a different series, though. I just finished watching it yesterday and I NEED to write about it now that I'm still all hyper and excited. T___T ....

Yes, it's a "reversed harem" series (in short: one girl, many boys). I do like those, but it really depends. Ever since "Brothers Conflict" I realized that they can do series with ZERO story. LIKE ZERO! Just throw a single girl into a house with 30+ guys that suddenly had become her brothers and that's all. Great. The End.
Ok, I admit I watched even that one until the end, but UHH! Story, please?

Read more... )

The voice actors are great as well!
And the music!!!!! I can't stop listening to the opening and ending songs!!

Here's the opening:

Have you seen / read "Hanasakeru Seishonen"?
If so, how did you like it?

Are you into "reversed harem" series at all??
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23 June 2015 @ 11:19 pm
[Anime / Manga]: Tokyo Ghoul (+re:)  

Today I want to review a series of a genre that I usually don't care about. People who read my LJ regularly probably know that I'm not too much into dark and depressing series.
And I hate zombie-stuff and cannibalism. But the series I'm going to introduce now has all that .... and if you're like me you probably want to close this window and don't care, but wait!

You're probably wondering how I even got into this series when I usually don't touch this kind of genre. It was REALLY just a huge coincidence that had me watch the first episode of the series.
The title sounded familiar because I knew that one of my favorite voice actors (Mamoru Miyano) would be in it - which might have been the final push. ;P

I do admit that I had a hard time watching the first episode.
Like mentioned before I cannot take zombie-like crap and cannibalism and things like that very well. (And that although I do watch all kind of horror movies and stuff ... but zombie-crap is just not mine.)
I had a hard time not throwing up - not only in the first episode but in a few others as well (and all those crunchy sounds ... bleeeh uuhh ... !!)

BUT! The first episode and even more the second got me totally interested and I couldn't stop watching.
There are so many interesting relations between the characters, so many philosophic hints (mainly in the anime) and .... AAAH!!!

Read more... )

The good old days when everything was still ok. Oh, how I miss thy!

summary of the first 2 episodes + trailer )

Spoilers ahead !!!! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

spoilers for season 2 and 2nd half of manga + re )
Anybody here who has read / watched Tokyo Ghoul?
Discuss away!!!~
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