01 May 2009 @ 08:40 am
[Japan Travel]: Matsushima (winter 2009)  

My stupid lame laptop is driving me crazy!!! (As you might have guessed I still need to reformat it, GAH!!! ). And why has my fav. otome game a virus, so that I can't install it? And why am I too stupid for port forwarding now that I don't have a router anymore?! GAH!!!!

Uhm, .... anyway XD Today I finally want to continue with photos of my winter vacation 2008/09. After Aizu-Wakamatsu we went to Sendai (photos will follow in the next photo entry) and we also went to Matsushima (松島), because it's really close to Sendai.
It is said to be very beautiful there and it's one of the Three Views of Japan
Of course it wasn't as breathtaking as it could have been, because we went there in winter. Not the most beautiful season.
Matsushima means pine island. All its small ilands are covered with tons of pine trees :)

Anyway we ([ profile] bf_nightingale and me) managed to take quite a few nice photos.
Please enjoy! ^^

Matsushima here we come!~ )

Our race against the sunset! )

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And those were our Matsushima photos. Hope you enjoyed it
One more winter vacation post will follow: Sendai
And then on to my spring vacation photos ^-^

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