20 September 2006 @ 06:01 pm
[Scans]: German version of the FMA manga !!~  
Finally. The FMA manga is out in Germany ! Of course I couldn´t resist and had to buy it ^____^;

planned volumes: only 2 so far (;__;)
mangaka: Hiromu Arakawa
information: here

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04 May 2006 @ 09:54 pm
FMA Bluebird´s Illusion: screenshots and a question ^^;  

I found some caps thanks to an amv I watched recently.
I want to share what I have found with everyone ^-^ because this is PURE eyecandy !!! *drools dead*

Warning: There are A LOT OF (very very very cute) pictures ahead !!
If you want to see them as thumbnails go here ^^

Ready to drool, squeak, scream and die ? ^^ )

Are you still squeaking and screaming ? XD Well I am O___O .... these are sooooooooooo cute ;____________; nee, nee ????

And for those who already know this videogame: Is there a possibility to download a demo version or something like that ?? .____. *wants to drool play*
Oh, and if anyone could tell us more about this game, please go ahead
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