17 February 2015 @ 06:02 pm
[Anime / Manga]: Bakuman and Death Note  

I finally got to watch "Bakuman".
I know a lot of you have recommended it and I think I remember [ profile] hinoai mentioning it AGES ago when the manga first came out. I was really interested as I loved Death Note (same mangaka / author team, but more about that later).
I just never got a chance to / lost interest / had no time, but no FINALLY!

And I'm SO glad I did!
What a great series! Of course, I did expect quite a bit coming from the same team that created Death Note, but it far exceeded my expectations.
I never thought that a series about creating manga would be SO interesting if you're not really interested in that kind of stuff, but they did an awesome job!

SPOILER WARNING: Obviously, if you haven't read both series yet, you shouldn't go on.


I love this series to bits and pieces. There are so many lovable characters and it's just a cute, hilarious, entertaining series that manages to drag you into it completely.

I love all the hints they give to their previous series, especially Death Note as they worked together on it.
When I saw so much Hikaru no Go stuff in the background, I noticed the similarity in drawing style and researched and was shocked to find out that Takeshi Obata worked on that one as well. ^^;
I watched that series in 2001-ish! And it took me THAT long to figure it out? I suck! XD ....

But I especially love the fact that they praise and mention so many other series.
Of course, the big ones are all in there such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Dragonball ... but also really old ones like "Ashita no Joe" etc.

The best thing, though, is that it's here and there based on real people, real events etc.!
I think it's awesome that they were allowed to name several famous mangaka and even base some characters on real Shueisha editors and stuff.
It makes the whole series even more interesting! ;)

I'm quite sure I missed a lot of the hints towards other manga series they gave, but the ones I caught were amusing.

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Over to you!!~
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11 January 2009 @ 12:52 pm
BL Games Sunday (*_*)  
⊂((〃 ̄ー ̄〃))⊃ ふふふ ....
I decided to make my Sunday as relaxed as possible. Not thinking about work, not studying Japanese for a change.
Instead I tried out the BL PC games I bought during my winter vacation plus some I had on my computer, but until now no time to look at them.

I've made quite a few screencaps while doing so, because most of them were really CUTE (*____*)

WARNING: Not work-safe at all. Contains nudity, sex scenes and too much candy XDDDD Image heavy.

ENZAI (eine falsche Beschuldigung) )

DEATH NOTE!! smexy ^^ )

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And that's where we start.

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Uh ... yes. And that's it. That was pretty much my Sunday, ahem.
Okay .... and before this day is over I have some other things to do, so excuse me *runs off* XDDDDD~
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03 December 2007 @ 05:10 pm
Blabbering: Too many userpics go Midori no L! BLA attack!  

With a generous gift from [ profile] densha_onna *cough cough* I`ve received another 12 months of a paid account + 100 userpics extra XD

And what scares me the most is that I didn´t have the slightest problem to fill all the free usperics slots at once (^^;) .... ahem~
Well, anyway, I´m happy with it

Death not goes Midori no Hibi XD )

The way lazy ME reads her doujinshis XD )

Well, as you can see my main problem is still ... KANJI! (T___T)
And lately I´ve been VERY lazy with my Japanese studies ... basically I haven´t done anything at all.
But now I´ve started to use this program, to at least train my kanji (and vocabulary) knowledge from time to time. (Yes, yes repeating the JLPT4 and 3 stuff XD)
I haven´t used if for a long time, but it´s quite good:

Anki - Japanese learning tool )

That´s all for today! (^^;)
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19 October 2007 @ 05:36 pm
[Photos]: What I bought in Japan!11!~  

because some people were getting on my nerves asking when the next "fandom" related picspam will come, I thought it´s time to share photos of the stuff I´ve bought in Japan (^^;) ......
and yes I still had money when I came back from Japan XD ... and no this didn´t all fit in my luggage, I had to send 2 packages home and a 3rd one because my luggage was too heavy ^^; ...........

So here we go!~


Are you sure you want to see it? XD )

HOMG! I´m not sure I wanna see this! T_T )

And it´s getting worse and worse! XD )

Okay, we´re almost through! ;P )

And the last cut, I promise! ^^ )

Okay ... there´s still more tiny things, but I think that´s enough and you get the main idea, right? ^^;;; ........ *runs away now*

^-^/ ~~~~~~~~~~~--------------***------->
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05 May 2007 @ 12:26 pm
[Conclusion]: Death Note - The END  
Hey there!~

I´ve finally finished the Death Note manga yesterday night and now I want to write down what I think about the end and about the whole series.

So if you haven´t finished the manga yet, just ignore this entry!!!!!


Shinigami really like apples! )


I´ve also watched the 1st Death Note movie so far. (Dead or alive)
I still don´t like the actor they´ve chosen for Raito ... but the Shinigami are well-made and I LOVE L somehow XDDDDD
I also love that they´ve changed the story a bit, otherwise it would have been boring.
Now I finally can watch the 2nd movie!! I´m looking forward to it ^__^
(and KYAH Inui is Matsudaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! .... That´s the first time (I think) that I´ve seen a Tenimyu star in a drama/movie!!!) XDDDDDDD

I´ve started to watch the anime. Only the first 2 episodes so far.
ZOMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L = Yamaguchi Kappei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!!!!!
As I AAALWAYS tell you he´s following me! HE´S EVERYWHERE!! I recognize his voice right away! Usually I don´t even need to hear his voice! A sigh is enough to recognize him! AAAAH!!
But I think he´s quite fitting for L considering he´s also Shinichi Kudou´s voice in Conan ^^
Well .. I have to watch more of it :)
Raito´s voice is good as well (didn´t know that his seiyuu was in Tenimyu!!)
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30 April 2007 @ 02:10 pm
[Information]: No Hiatus, but .. + [Review + Conclusion] Kizarasu and Gal Circle  
Hey there!

I´m really sorry that I don´t update that often lately. Same goes for commenting. SORRY!
I don´t have much time right now and I won´t have much time for the next months as well.
I though about it, but I don´t want to go on hiatus. I´ll try to upload stuff from time to time, it just won´t be THAT often like before, at least for the next months.
Also I can´t comment so often like some of you might already have noticed :/ I apologize in advance, but there is nothing I can do.
I try to read everything and I try to comment as often as possible!!!! I just wanted to let you know that ! *sigh* (T_________T)

Okay enough of my whining! On to the hopefully more interesting part :P

1.) Go here and download it @ [ profile] bittersweet_bun´s journal, because it´s hilarious and great and *squee* ZOMG!! soooooooooooo many cute boys in one place! XD I wish I were there at Tokyo Tower to welcome the new year!! AAAHH!!!!!! (T-T) Even Tokio was there. I LOVE Nagase Tomoya, I LOVE HIM!!!!!! He´s soooo damn hot! I really have to watch Tiger and Dragon ;__; ...

2.) Death Note:
Because a lot of people kept getting on my nerves saying I should read Death Note, because it´s sooo great, I did so. Finally.
It´s more or less the only thing I´m into right now, because there´s no time for more :/
Right now I´m at volume 9! (out of 12 vol.)
And what should I say? All those people weren´t lying!! It´s really a GREAT and interesting series!!!! ... and E.X.C.I.T.I.N.G.!!! (*________________*)
I love L and I hate and love Raito at the same time (T___T) ... aww .....
but ... of course I didn´t like what happened in vol.7 .... so I don´t like the story from there onwards soooo much, but still .. I can´t stop reading, because I wanna know what happens next and especially how it´ll end.
When I have more time again, I´ll also watch the anime AND the movies ^-^.... although I don´t like the actor they chose for Raito (.____.) ... but L looks quite nice ♥ and YAAAY Erika Toda !!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

3.) Gal Circe - Review and Conclusion:

Information, Review, Conclusion, Screencaps ... )

4.) Kisarazu Cat´s Eye - Review and Conclusion:

Information, Review, Conclusion, Screencaps, blabbering, ... )

5.) Short Request:

I really love the ending songs of both of this series:
Arashi - A day in our life
Fujiki Naohito - Hey friends!

So if anyone on my flist has one or both of these and would like to share them, I would REALLY be happy!!!! (^-^;)> .... ♥♥

That´s all!
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