14 February 2009 @ 03:39 pm
Happy Valentine's Day (^-^)/  
Hey f-list!
Phew, I just made it in time! Only a few more minutes until Valentine's Day is over here in Japan.
How was your Valentine's Day? What kind of customs or habits do you have in your country?
As most of you might know Valentine's Day is the day in Japan where the girls give (often self-made) chocolate to the boys/men they like.
Although I don't have anybody right now, I still handed out 4 Valentine's chocolate packages XD

It's called "giri choco" . It's "obligatory chocolate" which you give to your male coworkers etc.
As you can see I had to buy four of them (luckily we are more women than men at work ;P)
As much as I loved Valentine's day in manga/anime and dramas, being here and seeing it with my own eyes, it's just a huge commercial thing. It's rather annoying.
You have to spend money and time just to get your coworkers chocolate although you don't even want to do it. "Giri choco" is soooo typical Japanese!
I prefer giving things to people when *I* want to and not when a day like today or some customs tell me to do so.

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So ... and somehow I wanted to do something special for Valentine's Day and thus I just came home from work and tried to translate a Valentine's Day related doujinshi.
It's my first scanlation EVER and I didn't scan / translate everything, because I just didn't have enough time (plus I wanted to post this before midnight ^^; ....)
It was interesting. I can remember that last year around that time I needed about 1 hour to translate ONE page!! This time the translation was not so much a problem. The editing and stuff took forever.
Plus I just couldn't find a good font.
I'll probably never become a doujinshi translating whore, although I'd love to, but it's too time-consuming, so right now I can't do it even if I want to.
The translations might be off sometimes, but I tried my best XD
I hope you can enjoy it even if you're NOT a fan of the series (which is Katekyou Hitman Reborn).

P.S.: The circle is Ririadoll. They're famous for their ... uhm .... hentai-like drawings. I tired to pick rather harmless pics, but it's still NOT WORKSAFE!!! So you might want to skip this part ^^;

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That's all for today.
I'm still sick (went to a doctor finally) and should get some rest soon.

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