16 March 2007 @ 09:43 pm
[Currently watching]: Long Love Letter (jdrama)  
*sigh* I know I´m not updating regularly lately ;__;
GOMEEEEEN !!!!!! m(-_-)m

I hope that I´ll get my icon batch ready within the next 2 weeks (T_T) .. I suck !!! :/ ....

I´ve finished Remote finally !
UWAH~ it´s even the Japanese series of the week @ D-Addicts !!! (O__O) .... how come ? XD Who the hell is voting there ?
Don´t get me wrong it was a nice & cute little mystery & crime drama, but it was NOTHING special if you ask me :)
I would recommend to watch it if you have nothing else to do or don´t know what to watch next XD

On to what I´m watching right now: Long Love Letter - finally !
I didn´t have ANY idea what it´s about, so I was really happy to see almost ALL the boys of Lunch Queen XDDD
Yamada Takayuki is everywhere, he really is ! He´s in every second drama I watch, REALLY ! XDDD But I don´t mind, I like him ^-^
Then we have Tsumabuki Satoshi OMG ! I soooo adore him ! I really, really love his face and think he´s handsome. AND he´s not THAT young ! XDD WUHAHAHAHA *grabs him* XDDD *drools* *cough* ahr ..... oh there´s also Yamapi ^_____^ .... aaaaaand we have Kubozuka Yosuke (*-*). (His name sounds a bit like the name of the detective of "Remote" -> Kozaburo (I like that name XD) ...)

The story:
Well I´ve only watched the first 2 episodes, so there won´t be any spoilers !
I REALLY liked the 1st episode ! It seemed to be a cute little relationship drama ... with a lot of teachers and students .... it was really cute and interesting ... BUT then the END !!! The end of episode one really shocked me !!!
If you don´t want to know then don´t read the colored lines:

There´s an earthquake and suddenly the whole school disappers ! The students that were late only see a hole that´s left where once the school was.
Everyone thinks it was the earthquakes fault and that all the teachers and students that were in school at that time are now dead.
But on the other hand we have the SCHOOL .... with all the students & teachers that are still alive .... they only notice that there cellphones aren´t working anymore (out of reach) .... soon they notice, that everything around them has dissapeared. The only thing they can see EVERYWHERE around the school is a huge desert !
They think that there was a nuclear bomb or like that and that they are the only ones that are still alive.
It´s become soooooooooo strange ! I didn´t expect something like that.

Now episode 2 was even stranger XD

They talk about what could have happened. Some of the students walk through the desert to search for left buildings or people, but then return because they couldn´t find a thing.
At the end of episode 2 they find part of a shinkansen (very fast train in Japan), but it´s not one of the 3 shinkansen they know ! It looks much more modern. They find a catalog with the date 2012 !!!!
One of the students get´s a technical machine to work that can connect to sattelites and then the CURRENT date is shown: 2020 (if I remember right).
So I suppose they are in the future now ? (T___T)

But there are some funny things as well like a female teacher going after Yamapi XD (her student) all the time and Yamapi is pretty much annoyed ! XDDDD

Well ... it´s pretty strange, but somehow interesting and .... yeah :D I´m VERY curious what´s next :)

Not very interesting I know (T__T)

They say it´s going to snow again soon *sigh*

Other than that I´m waiting for HYD II - Episode 11 to finally be available at D-Addicts !!!! I hope we all can watch it tomorrow :) oooh how I´m looking forward to it ! ^_____^ ... (;__;) ....

That´s all ! XD
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