11 January 2007 @ 04:26 pm
[Conclusion + Screencaps]: Honey & Clover I + II  
I´ve finally finished Honey & Clover !♪

... looking back this series was really a surprise ! It´s a really, really good and cute series that casts a spell on you ^__^
I think you really can´t DESCRIBE what this series is about or what is good about it. You have to see and experience the whole atmosphere for yourself !!!

The surprising thing for me was ... that I really liked season 1, it was nice ... well the last few episodes where getting on my nerves ... too much of Takemoto on his bike ^^; ... (don´t get me wrong ! I like Takemoto-kun !)
But the 2nd season was just too great !!! I didn´t expect that ! The series was going in another ... more adult-like direction, don´t you think ?

<~ Takemoto + Morita ... I like the sky colors in the background ! (*-*)

Watching the relationship between Yamada and Nomiya-san grow .... that was just fair and beautiful !
I really came to like Nomiya-san ! ... at first I didn´t like his playboy-like appearance, but he changed a lot, don´t you think ? I hope they will get together some day ^___^

A relationship I personally was not SO interested in was the one between Rika and Mayama! I can´t tell why exactly ... perhaps I don´t understand there relationship that well ^^; ....
And there were times when I couldn´t stand watching Yamada cry because of him (x_____x) .....

On to the last episodes: (please read this only when you´ve already finished season 2 !!!)

full craziness ahead~ )

Oh before I forget: I´ve seen the manga today at the trainstation ! So it´s out in Germany !!!! I didn´t know that ^^; ... should I buy it ?! ;__; .....

P.S.: screencaps were made by me
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